Thursday, December 7, 2023

We learned nothing

There were signs and portents that the Japanese might attack Pearl Harbor but people in authority ignored those signs and were willfully stupid.

There were signs and portents in 2001 that radical Muslims might attack civilian targets with airplanes. The people in authority ignored those signs and were willfully stupid.

There are signs and portents that significant numbers of people pouring across our undefended borders do not have our best interests at heart. The people in authority are ignoring those signs and are being willfully stupid.

There are signs in portents that the pro-Palestinian "rallies" are the warm-up band for something along the lines of heavy-metal. The people in authority makes excuses for them and enable them.

The people in authority lie to themselves and to us. They tell themselves "I have this under control". They don't have a clue. Malefactors engaged in enemy-action will actively violate your assumptions.

Pack your own parachute.

Stay away from crowds.

Have a plan. Know who "your people" are and where they are.


  1. I agree with everything except the last part about them lying to themselves. Some of them may be doing that, but the rest are doing exactly what they want.
    Trying to destroy America.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  2. Wow, you've fallen for every government lie about these events. They were all either allowed to happen or enabled and assisted by the folks who ultimately benefited.

    1. Reading comprehension is our strength.

    2. Probably diversity too!

    3. Are you happy? Because I am not happy unless you aren't happy.

  3. The people in authority have no clue whatsoever on how the systems they rely on were built, and what will happen when the culture and society that did build them is destroyed. Just like the guy sitting on a branch sawing close to the trunk they don't understand what will happen when systems start to fail.

    1. I have concluded that the distinguishing mark of a politician is that they have won election. Because they campaigned for office. Because their flawed character envies the power of the office.

      If you have spoken to a politician, you will know this is true. Not required is to speak with them to a great length. So deep is their flaw that it becomes readily apparent. Their wit, but not their intelligence is their great characteristic.

      You may become aware of their character by their actions, but so often they conceal themselves for risk of being found out. But by speaking face to face, it becomes readily apparent who they are.

      Yes, there are exceptions and outliers. This is true of any congress of people. But consider that it is distinctly the politician who takes great measures to avoid the constituency.

  4. In regards to Dec 7th 1941:

    History is written by the victors never by the losers.

    1. The attack upon Pearl Harbor was political in nature. That the U.S. Navy had a base there was political in nature.

      So much of the 'true' revealing discourses are centered on the short history leadingvto the attack. Better is to examine why the U.S. was even in Hawaii. No, leave Adm Perry out of this.

      But hey, surprise, eh? (sarcasm)

    2. In May 1941, FDR proclaimed a "state of national emergency". Why?
      In October 1941, Congress passed the "Property Requisition Act", giving the government the legal right to confiscate any and all personal property of Americans to use in the defense of the nation.
      Again, why?
      It's almost as if they knew war was coming, but they also knew most Americans were against getting involved in foreign conflict.
      The country and most of the West was suffering economic hardship.
      War is a profitable business.

  5. Those that ride the Tiger eventually discover that they, in turn, will be thrown from its back and become food as well.

  6. It's not stupid, it's evil. They may not be competent, but they are deliberately doing this damage.

  7. Trump declares himself a wanna be dictator in front of Hannity in public. Are you asking the right questions? 

    His goal is to rob the country blind and have a 2 billion dollar palace with your stolen money like Putin did . 

    The perception that he will leave things as they are, or somehow make it better for you, is a common fallacy that is repeated in history. You reap what you sow.


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