Saturday, December 16, 2023

Silent Night as sung by the Diocese of Lansing combined High School Choir


I scooted it ahead to cut out a minute of introduction.


  1. Not surprised. I used to work for a company that made .556 and .300 Blackout ammo (sold under the name"Black Gun Ammo". No longer in business as the parent company was sold). Due to US Government regulations, we could not import finished brass in from Canada, which was the only available brass due to demand in the US. We had to import cases that did not yet have a flash hole for it to be sent across the border. We punched the flash holes in the cases after we received them.

    Anyway, being in QA I performed a lot of checks including weighing the cases. The variation you saw is not unusual. I did the same with used brass we purchased for other calibers. Same there. The larger the case, the more variation. Even saw this in new 20mm cases we purchased new for building dummy rounds for the DoD.

    I suspect that if you measure case length, you will also see a similar variation.


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