Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Fine Art Tuesday


Our Lady of Guadalupe: The tilmàtli (cloak) worn by Juan Diego when Mary appeared to him in 1531 
Our Lady of Guadalupe is honored in Mexico, Philippines and the United States. Her feast day is December 12 (which is why you get images of her this Fine Art Tuesday).

Explanation of the symbols on the cloak. The horns Mary is standing on are an anomaly since cattle and bison were not native to that part of Mexico. In Europe, horns were symbols of power and sometimes Satan.

Art by Carla Starling Quigley

Modern, Mexican replicas tend to use a lot of color

Flowers are included on icons and other images because the inexplicable appearance of roses in December are part of the story.


  1. I was in Cerro Tepeyac in September 2023.
    Her followers certainly take it seriously. Beautiful buildings on a hilltop.

  2. As always, ERJ, thanks for keeping up the tradition and for the beautiful works.


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