Sunday, December 24, 2023

SJW, Crazy-Cat Ladies and Evolutionary Biology

Arthur Sido, author of Dissident Thoughts blog recently posted a long article titled Liberal White Chick Do-Goodism. Adult-content warning: He use language and words that will trigger snow-flakes and most younger people.

The comments took a slight turn from the content of the post.

To cut to the chase, the comments homed-in on the thought that most women are biologically programmed to fulfill the biological imperative to reproduce and raise enough sproutlings to the age where they could create the next generation.

"...biologically programmed..." or hard-wired to be that way. Not just the urge to do those things that result in an egg getting fertilized but the whole ball-of-wax about raising sproutlings.

The commenters point out that there is an emotional "economy" in raising children. Not only do children NEED nearly constant attention but children shower constant attention down on their caregiver (along with drool, body-fluids, partially digested food and endless stream of verbal gibberish).

The commenters may have used slightly different words, but they pointed out that a woman's craving for unending attention (from her children) is a core-building block that allowed humans to survive our incredibly long childhood. 

Compare us to pheasant chicks which can venture out of the nest and hunt food three hours after hatching. Young humans are easy-meat for the first three YEARS of life for any mid-sized predator that happens along.

The woman's high-need for nearly constant attention is not a "bug" but a feature absolutely essential for the survival of the human race because the mother's need-for-attention is satisfied as a byproduct of attending to her children.

What happens when you remove the load from an electric motor or an internal combustion engine? It over-revs. 

That is what Social Justice Warriors (+80% young women) and Crazy-Cat Ladies are. They are women who were denied the biologically normative source of attention that they need for their dopamine fix. God and evolution put the need-for-attention into women at a cellular level (probably the need for dopamine surges) and by not having children those women find other ways to get those dopamine highs.

This model partially explains "helicopter parents" (most of whom seem to be moms), the vast number of "Instagram influencers" who are women and even the seemingly endless number of women who post nude photos on the internet.


  1. That makes an awful lot of sense.

    Mark in PA

  2. A theory/explanation that's hard to argue against. Women are needy. Driven by powerful emotion. Short circuit the intended outlet for those needs ad emotions and the results will be chaotic.


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