Friday, December 1, 2023

Santos is out

Loose cannon, George Santos was expelled from Congress with 100 Republicans voting to send him on his way.

Some Republicans are aghast because it erodes the razor-thin majority they have over the Democrats.

I, for my part, think that doing the right-thing might be expensive in the short term but is least expensive option in the long-term.

Consider the Boy Scouts of America. Better they should have dealt with the leaders who were predators in spite of the fall-out.

Ditto for the Catholic Church and the never-ending revelations of pedophile clergy who took advantage of their positions of authority.

I don't have any special information. I am willing to let the "experts" do their job.


  1. Santosi is no conservative. Booting him has little effect on the power balance. His replacement will likely be as bad, or worse.

  2. I agree that getting rid of him was the right thing to do. Hopefully, they vet the candidate better next time.

  3. One should always enforce the standards one claims to believe in.

    1. I disagree. I want the guys that fight dirty on my side.

    2. One must always fight to win. But what do you fight for? Santos was in it for Santos, not for his espoused standards.

    3. All of our Congresscritters are in it for themselves. Those so called espoused standards are just what the spout off to get elected. They hate us, because we make demands of them that make their lives and efforts to enrich themselves more difficult.

    4. There is no disconnect between fighting to win and holding yourself to a set of standards. The difficulty with bending the rules to win is that you then leave your flank exposed to having the same done to you (obviously in political war, not actual war).

      One of the great failures of the Red/Conservative side is they have not held themselves to the values the espouse.

  4. Now let’s do the Squad, Swallwell, Pencil neck, Schumer, Menéndez etc etc

  5. So long as we treat every member of Congress who has lied about their background the same way.
    Liz Warren? Richard Blumenthal?
    Heck, why stop at Congress?
    Biden has lied about just about everything in his background.


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