Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Fine Art Tuesday


Frederic Remington born 1861 in Canton, New York, died 1909. Frederic's cousin Eliphalet founded the Remington Arms Company. Frederic was both a painter and a sculptor.

Frederic Remington is famous for Western Art. The Great American West was a subject of myth and fascination for most Americans living in the East. Frederic satisfied that market.

It should be noted that the era of "The Great American West" of cowboys, Indians, buffalo and U.S. Cavalry was very short-lived with they hey-day lasting from 1870 until 1890 while most of the scribes and artists came afterward. Remington saw the tail-end of that era as a young man.

Remington's artwork is notable for capturing action or an implied story in a static image.


  1. Thanks for continuing the tradition!

  2. A lot of my faves there. The era of the West can be defined several ways. The Civil War to the Spanish-American War, The beginning of the wagon trains west (1840, coinciding with the end of the mountain man era), the mountain man era (1806 - 1840) onward, and many include the period between the Spanish-American War and WWI (last few Indian fights, oil boom).

  3. Funny. When Native-Americans are complaining about "cultural appropriation" they never demand that all artwork depicting both horses and Native-Americans be removed. Or, for that matter, artwork with Native-Americans and firearms.

  4. Thanks ERJ, for continuing the tradition of Fine Arts Tuesday.

    As incorrect as I am sure it is in the current milieu, I really enjoy Remington's work.

  5. Dad had a Remington print or two, but he loved Charles Russel. And passed that on to me. Charlie Russel, Remington.... Ace Reid from Kerrville did some not fine are cartoons that captured the scene pretty well to.

  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Marion_Russell

    Russell has even more cred I think.

  7. Remington, Russell, and a few others got it right!

    1. Shrevogel being one of them..
      Boat Guy

  8. I used to look like that guy on the horse in pic #1. Amazing what 60 years will do.---ken

  9. I recommend the Woolaroc Museum and Preserve, Bartlesville, OK. It was the Phillips 66's brothers home with a wonderful collection of Western Art. Also jade carvings and a gun collection that is a little boring in it's completeness.
    Highly recommended if you are anywhere near.

  10. I'm not an art aficiado, but I do like the Old West Art too. I did not know of the family association between the firearms company and the artist but I shouldn't be surprised.

    Some of my favorite Western Art are the more modern Ace Reid 'Cowpokes' cartoons. We saw a great exhibit at the Museum of Western Art, located in Kerrville Texas. If you are in the area and enjoy Western Art, some time spent there would not be wasted.


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