Sunday, December 3, 2023

A rare moment of rancor, cynicism and disgust

Indulge me for a moment.

I happened to have helped campaign for one of our local politicians in his first campaign for office. I have the distinction of being kicked out of a subdivision along with him and his campaign manager because the HOA decided we were violating their No Soliciting standards by leaving literature.

Flash forward a bunch of years. He is standing for another election at a different level. I got the email address of his campaign manager and asked how I could help.

He said "Write letters to the Editor" and send them to the local fish-wrappers.

I prepared a draft and sent it to him.

He returned it and suggested that it was not suitable.

He was looking for the "Smedley F. Wussenfuldley* is a great guy" tone.

I responded "Letters to the Editor that do not state concrete issues are like a fart in a windstorm. Nobody will remember them five minutes after they read them."

Then I included a list of concrete issues that I thought were valid and would gain traction in swing-segments that Smedley could steal from the opposition.


Which leaves me wondering

It leaves me wondering many things. I presume his campaign manager graduated with a degree in Political Science from a public university in the last seven years.

That means he was soaking in a leftist environment where every perspective was implicitly biased to favor leftist view-points. In actual fact, there is a 50% chance where he is a leftist and this is just a job where he goes through the motions to get on to "the next thing'.

Winston Churchill, with whom which Donald Trump has much in common, was attributed with saying something like "When you have the advantage on some issue, give it a great whacking blow with your biggest hammer. Then hit it again. Show no mercy. Marshal all of your forces and give it a third, great, whacking blow."

Leftists win on soft-focus, fuzzy, feel-good, quick-shuffle montages. Not shaped-charge explosives being detonated at optimum stand-offs. Leftists cannot win on the basis of the outcomes of their policies.

Maybe this kid got a 3.9/4.0 GPA at Luke-warm State University while getting his Masters in Political Science. I don't care. What he was taught tainted his ability to improvise, adapt and overcome. He is pre-programmed to lose when he works for conservative candidates.

Unless my buddy starts playing for keepsies, he is going to lose.

*Not his real name


  1. ERJ, I suspect that you are correct: he is a Political Science Major who has been well versed in the current "way" we do politics, not in the way that actually wins elections.

    If you have a line to your buddy, I might suggest letting him know that the current proposed strategy will likely not result in his re-election.

  2. They all come out of the same diploma mills with NO common sense and have been 'programmed' to the left's desired methods... Grrrr...

  3. I donno about that Joe. In 1964 I joined the Young Republicans to work for Barry Goldwater who argued the facts and he lost to LBJ who won with the Vision for the Future. And every demoncrat that has won since, particularly b.o., has done the same. "We will fundamentally transform America" worked fine with no specific details and then he did it. With the way people think now [or don't ] that campaign manager may be right.---ken

  4. Likely part of his education came from working where the BALLOTS are counted.

    In *transformed* America, things like issues and one-person-one-vote have no bearing on the outcome of *elections*. Only ballot counts matter.


  5. In support of Milton's comment, the preeminent "leftist" Stalin is quoted as having said, "It doesn't matter how they vote, it matters who counts the vote". As was recently demonstrated in several states.

  6. "Winston Churchill, with whom which Donald Trump has much in common"

    Really! Which bits? Weight? Eye color?

    I would love to know what Churchill would say about that.

    I remember another howler on a different blog where the blogger praised Canadian hunting and fishing but said he could never live there in a socialist country. Socialist? Try living there. 

    1. Churchill had his rough edges:


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