Monday, December 25, 2023

Stolen valor, co-opted umbrage

I had some dead-time and was fiddling around watching whatever Oy-vay Toob threw into my feed.

This one came up:

I know that I have some readers who don't like to feed-the-beast and avoid Oy-vay Toob like a chancre riddled ho, so let me summarize:

A woman-of color signals her virtue by claiming that she would NEVER date a cop because they continued to perpetrate the legacy-of-slavery to keep people-of-color down.

(Random fact: Police officers are over-represented by African-Americans to the tune of 30%, Prison-guards by 200% and Private Security by 260% Link)

The woman dismisses the host of the podcast's opinion about 15 seconds into it by labeling him "white-boy".

The host points out that dismissing anybody solely on the basis of their race is...racist.

The woman...who had been presenting herself as a spokesperson for "black people" does a back-flip and claims that she cannot be racists because...she is half-white. The most incredible thing is that she does that amazing, logical contortion with absolutely no effort or cognitive dissonance.

The mind boggles.

Questions that popped into my mind were not very charitable:

  • If she is white, then why is she presenting the "Black" perspective? Does she think they are too stupid to speak for themselves?
  • If she is both "White" and "Black", then at what percentage does she think "Reparations" should be denied? For what it is worth, 12% of the people who identify as "White" have measurable amounts of "African" genes in them in the states of Louisiana and South Carolina. Do THEY get reparations? If she chooses 49%, then she might want to consider that her "black" parent was probably 25% Caucasian (genetically) and therefore she is not "...half white..." but 62% White meaning she is only 38% "Black".
  • If she can seamlessly flip from one-to-the-other depending on which offers the most advantage, does race really matter?
  • If she can effortlessly and opportunistically change her self-assigned race, doesn't that make her the equivalent of a post-Civil War carpet-bagger?
  • If she can casually look at somebody else and assign them their race, who made her God? Don't they get to identify just as she demonstrated that SHE can identify which race she chooses to identify as (on a moment-by-moment basis)?

Perhaps we owe this young woman a note of thanks. I doubt that she is the only person who engages in cherry-picking, but she is one of the few who threw the bread-crumbs so closely together.

Eventually we will sort this out. Or we won't. But being able to rake it out into the light is valuable.

I cannot help but wonder how a black-as-a-telephone prison guard would respond to this latte-extra-creme chick saying she would never date him because HE is the racist.

There is real racism. There is no need to manufacture faux-racism.


  1. The female in question is a leftist. Facts, logic, reason, rationale are all totally foreign to leftists. They are completely incapable of dealing with them. The default mode for leftists is emotion. They feel, they don't think. They twist, contort or simply ignore things like facts and evidence unless these things can be twisted to support their beliefs an agenda. The only thing stupider than a leftist is a normal person believing they can interact logically with a leftist.

    1. Thanks for commenting.

      " The only thing stupider than a leftist is a normal person believing they can interact logically with a leftist"

      Cut to the quick, I am, Sir.

      I see my mission of subjecting opportunists to logic as an exercise in "Egg Candling".

      And I have a confession to make. My inherent inclination is to pretend to believe them to see just how big of a pile of steaming fertilizer they will attempt to sell me.

      I view it from the perspective of Game Theory. I am winning as long as I am learning more about them then they are actually learning about me.

    2. Just as long as you learn...because they refuse to learn. Being emotional creatures they tend to react negatively, sometimes violently, when presented with evidence they are wrong.

  2. Victim mentality - and lack of agency. Long march through the institutions is bearing fruit now.

    It Started under pres Johnson and has destroyed the black family and their culture in America ever since then.

    It was planned, same as our recent situation on the border. Divide and…

  3. Crazy people bring the most views, that's why producers pick them.

  4. My daughter in 9th grade had a black boy walking her home. They would sit on the front steps and talk then he would walk rest of the way home. Big dance at end of school and he asked her to go. She said yes after checking with me. Phone call a couple days prior to dance and his mother begins to berate me for allowing my white girl to go to a dance with her black boy. How dare I? She's putting her foot down and under no circumstances is he taking her to the dance. My first taste of both sides of racism and daughter is devastated. Explaining racism and how your 9th grader just got caught in it was not a comfortable conversation.

  5. "Eventually we will sort this out." We had it sorted, mostly anyway, until the appearance of one Barack Hussein Obama.
    Boat Guy


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