Saturday, December 9, 2023

Update on Tent Camps....

My information source found somebody to investigate. I would say "boots on the ground" but I suspect the person who investigated used a drone.

My information source informed me that no tents were found at any of the three locations.

Maybe there never were tents. That is possible.

Maybe it was fun in September and October and they decided to find better quarters with the cold weather coming in. That is also possible.

Maybe the locations were incorrect (although they seemed like very reasonable places to me). This seems less likely.

Even though it leaves egg on my face " tents at this time..." is the best possible outcome for all parties involved.


  1. If there had been any quantity (20?30?) of tents at any site for any reasonable length of time (say a few weeks) then there would be evidence of it in vegetation for weeks and maybe months after. The tents themselves would flatten and probably kill any grass, weeds or moss in fairly sharp edged patterns and the paths of 20 to 60 people walking about would leave long lasting patterns. If you're using a drone, try sunrise, mid day and sunset for ground shadow patterns. A dusting of snow can have the same effect.

  2. Unnecessary
    Transient camps are visible from space.
    Trash, fire residue, pallet houses, trash
    Human poop piles, did I mention trash?

  3. This has been a test of the Emergency ... whatever System. It's only a drill until It Is Not.
    Know your neighbors, build working relationships with them. The lowest price may not be anywhere nearby the best long term value.
    Like the man said, harden your systems. Remember the "supply chain"? Walk humbly with God. Live joyfully!
    Avoid repeating platitudes to excess ...

    A little East of Paris

  4. We can only operate on the info we have. Rumors are usually better than MSM and when they are wrong it's usually mistakes, not lies.---ken

  5. To the firs two comments above, the remaining rubble would have been clearly obvious. There is no "clean up effort" upon departure, except for what those that go behind provide.

    That said, given what I know of Michigan's Winter weather, it is quite possible people left for more temperate climes.

    1. Rubble and no clean up for a homeless camp, yes. For a camp of "military age males" maybe not.

  6. There are two known tent camps here in my county in SoKY. They are not permanent, moving as they get evicted from their location by either the property owner or more often LEOs. One moves up and down the banks of the Barren River in the city limits, the other moves in out of the city limits.
    The city spends quite a large percentage of its budget on social programs, the county practically nothing so the homeless try and stay in the city limits as much as possible. The city only moves them when the campground gets too unsanitary . City workers clean the mess up and the police trespass the campers.
    My last interaction was when we ran our food bank in the city park. The county deputies arrived in force as we were opening up in the morning. It seems the city had chased them so they moved the camp about 100 yards into the county. One or more of the homeless ran an extension cord from a private residence to power a television and to charger their phones. The home owner was not amused.
    These folks are not the same people I see at the SA when I volunteered in the kitchen. They are much more hardcore and unstable. The police and deputies come in force, never less than a half dozen.
    Best advice is just stay away from this group.
    Yes, cold weather moves many of them out of the area.


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