Thursday, December 21, 2023

Facts can be stubborn things


From the Daily Mail


  1. Interesting, historical fact. The Arab Muslims took over all of North Africa and a substantial area of the rest of the continent. During these conquests, they took many Black people as slaves. Why aren't there more/any Black folks in middle-Eastern Muslim countries? Because they (the Arabs) castrated ALL the Black males slaves they took back to their countries--a practice they didn't do to the White male slaves they took from Ireland, the Caucasus, the Balkans, etc. Arabs have a very long history of not liking Black folks (1400 years worth of history).

    1. The Palestinian's greatest allies are the US Democrats, even more than other Muslims in the middle-East.

      The fact that these people are attacking their allies show how unhinged and how detached from reality they have become.

      If there are technical issues with their visas, say it is a student visa and it expired or they came over as the dependent on a student with a visa, then they can be booted out of the country without a trial.

      Calling attention to yourself under those circumstances by attacking the people who are leaning on the courts to be blind to your ICE status is a special kind of stupid.

  2. Say... Wouldn't those have been two white eyes and a bloody nose?...

  3. Yep, facts make things...interesting...

  4. Did anyone spot the fed in the vidyah?


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