Friday, December 22, 2023

Fake News Friday: Homes found for militant Palestinians


The regional government of Kidal, Mali tentatively agreed to take militant Palestinians expelled from the United States.

The offer comes with relatively few conditions. They demand a $5000 "processing fee" for each refugee (Payable in $100 US bills) and a new Toyota Hi-Lux for every five that they accept. They also request one pick and one shovel per refugee and one spare handle per tool.

The Kidal city government specified that they can only accept ten refugees per week due to assimilation bottlenecks.


  1. I wish this was a joke:

  2. Parachutes aren't that expensive. Just strap a parachute on each one and shove em out the back of a transport. What happens after that isn't our problem .

    1. Whether we like it or not, the people being airmailed have the ability to find a court somewhere that will claim that it is a violation of their civil rights or a crime against humanity.

      That is part of why sending them back to Palestine is a non-starter.

      However, sending them to a country that is 95% Muslim that is welcoming them with open arms is OK.

      The proposal is tongue-in-cheek but there are reasons why it was written the way it was. It is a semi-serious proposal.

  3. "Palestinians" are simply moslems following the instructions in the kuran: Convert all infidels, kill them if they do not convert or pay the jizya tax.

    For 70 years they refused or violated every single peace deal with Israel.

    Islam is a death cult that has been waging war on the rest of the world for 1400 years.

    The solution is obvious but very hard to implement because wiping out that many people from the face of the planet is a distasteful and difficult job.


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