Saturday, December 16, 2023

Pictures from around the place


A bucket with Chujoru pears still in great shape. They are in the breezeway between the house and the garage.

Skorospelka quince lined up beside some multiplier onions. I want to see if I can get some seedlings.

A pile of mixed fruit stomped down. I hope to generate seedlings. A mix of apples, pears and quince.




  1. I will be interested to see/hear how the stomped down fruit experiment goes.

  2. Ohhh pear preserves...I miss those!

    1. Geeze-Louise, you should have said something when I had a bunch of Keiffer to pick.

      Do you remember them as being "spiced", maybe something like mince-meat or cinnamon?

  3. Asian and Japanese pears make wonderful cider (actually perry) which makes wonderful hard perry which makes truly wonderful vinegar. I pressed a couple of gallons of quince juice and am fermenting it. It will be interesting to see if it comes out. If too tart I'll cut some into the hard perry and/or vinegar to see what happens. Opossums are good creatures and are resistant to just about all diseases and snake bites. They may even be able to survive the insanity that will be historically referred to as "2024". Doubtful, but possible.


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