Sunday, December 10, 2023

Intersectionality is ALL About Context

The college president of University of Pennsylvania resigned.

She testified in Congress and tried to baffle them with bullshit. Some things are very simple. Genocide is bad. Rape is bad. Representative Elise Stefanik was not amused.

The president of the University (and does anybody really care what her name was?) attempted to justify her tolerance for the new Jewish Genocide on the basis of the Fantasy-Construct of Intersectionality where everything is relative and nothing is absolute. "You have to look at the context...". With Intersectionality, rape and murder and theft and wanton destruction can all be "justified" by twiddling with the weightings to get the desired result.

Some things are very simple. Some things are absolutes. Believing those two statements does not make one stupid or simple.


  1. One common thread I have noticed seems to pervade the other side is a detachment from responsibility.
    I observed my MIL do it with her kids first hand.
    "The principal has it in for her" when she was actually an unruly belligerent student. "I don't know why the cops are after him, he hasn't done anything wrong?" He's the neighborhood pot dealer?
    "Its not their fault" Yes, yes it is.
    I try to correct my childs table manners, my wife says "Its OK, we don't eat formal very often here."
    Theres something in them, in their very fibre... I think its feminine in nature and blame women rising in power and stature but I digress... men (of older generations and upbringings) have an innate sense of taking responsibility (we call it "being a man") and that is something that has shifted in society.
    Its a fractal but not a big stretch - single motherhood rose dramatically after the introduction of social welfare programs, why? The burden of financial responsibility for opening your legs was shifted to the taxpayer.

    1. I am a woman and I agree with you.

  2. My problem is those same elite lefties have been teaching open white hate for decades and nobody cared. But let somebody notice that college Jews look white and the whole mess blows up.

    Want to bet that when we come out the other side it will still be ok to call for the genocide of the white race, just not that little bunch.

  3. One down, 1,647 to go (estimated).

    Better yet, immediately end ALL higher ed financial aid from the federal government, give it 2-4 years and then tackle the leadership of whatever colleges are still operating. I'd say "require all college presidents be male" but in that industry it would make absolutely no difference, philosophically male and female administrators from kindergarten through college are identical and equally worthless.


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