Friday, December 8, 2023

Fake News Friday: Durbin floats idea of Ukraine Foreign Legion instead of Prison


It is rumored that Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois recently floated the idea of criminal justice reform that allows felons to "pay their debt to society" by volunteering for two years in the military. Specifically, in the Ukraine Foreign Legion 

Alternatively, they can test-out-of prison sentences by attending classes where they must listen to and analyze Kamala Harris's political speeches for not less than 160 hours.

Furthermore, it is rumored that the Biden Administration is $110B 110% in favor of the reform.


  1. Don't give those Waco chimpanzees such ideas.

    We already have the Perfumed Princes of the "Defense Department" threatening that American troops (plenty quite near already) to be deployed IF Ukraine Bribes, err Support is stopped.

  2. Sure. But whaddya gonna do with the yutes who are leading the charge to test the limits?

    A plane ticket to the Eastern Front is pretty cost effective and the images of pink-mush might be a decent object lesson. Gotta make sure a few survive and return.


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