Friday, December 8, 2023

Salem Witch Trials

Two couples who adopted somewhat older kids in foster-care have been indited by Michigan's Dana Nessel for "...dozens of children who were removed from previously abusive biological homes and subjected the children to prolonged routine and systemic mental and physical abuse under the guise of discipline," Nessel said in a statement."  Source

It will cost the two families tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to fend off the State's criminal charges whether they are guilty or innocent.

The fact that the State Attorney General is holding press conferences before any  of the trials and potentially poisoning any chance of empaneling a "Fair and Impartial" jury is telling. She is holding these press conferences before the "suspects" are in custody.

A secondary effect of the high profile (dare we suggest "politically motivated"?) case is that publicity, the wording of the criminal-charges and the trial-by-press will dry-up the supply of families willing to adopt difficult-to-place kids and is likely to do the same for people willing to supply foster-care.

It is generally accepted that even children who are adopted at birth have to deal with "separation" issues like "Why did my birth mother not want me?"

Statistically, children who are adopted have higher rates of certain clusters of symptoms of mental illness. Not every adopted child has these symptoms but something like 3 or 4 TIMES more than the general population. Those symptoms can be related to lack of impulse control, inability to appropriately discount the probability of adverse consequences in the face of immediate pleasure, difficulty in bonding and feeling empathy for others.

One mental-health profession suggests that almost 40% of children diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder are adopted children*.

Sometimes a parent of an adopted child must really "turn up the volume" on regularity, frequency and amplitude of discipline before the child will respond.

So let me go on records as saying that perhaps there is merit in the charges BUT there is a metric-ton of possibility that special-circumstances are being manipulated and willfully misinterpreted for political reasons**.

*The mental-health industry is divided on whether it is appropriate to diagnose children younger than 17 with Personality Disorders. One camp thinks that many of the "symptoms" of that cluster of disorders are normal phases of maturing. Yes, lack-of-empathy is something most 7th graders experience as they push away from their families and try to join a new tribe.

The tricky thing for the mental health professional is to determine when a normal stage becomes pathological and, unfortunately, the professionals' history and values tint their perspectives.

**"The couples, who both live in the Michigan town of DeWitt, conspired to adopt the kids through Joel Brown, who once worked for Michigan Department of Health and Human Service's children's services agency. "

It begs the question, why did Mr Joel Brown leave the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services? If it an involuntary separation then why was he allowed to have a license to practice as a Social Worker?

Yes, in Michigan, you are required to have a license with the State to practice as a Social Worker.

Even if he was separated due to a "disability" his license should have been reviewed. Some disabilities like traumatic brain injuries impact the victim's ability to make judgements.

So, where was the Department of Licensing in this mess? Were they taking-care-of-their-own by not monitoring a former colleagues with the same scrutiny that they are required to by Michigan statutes?


  1. I wonder what "excessive discipline" really means - this could be a back door way of eliminating discipline or creating state standards for it.

    Is this the same AG who is charging members of the Legislature for protesting election results? If it is, I would assume there is a liberal motive to these charges as well.

  2. One reason mothers have children they cannot or don't want to keep is lack of impulse control. No wonder adopted children are often lacking in that.

    Also, I assume all prosecutions have a political element, but when they begin with a media circus, we know that's the only element.

  3. The article did note that at least one of the adoptees is testifying for the accused, saying it was false. Golden child, or someone who didn't need to be disciplined?

    I have never wanted to be a foster parent, it's a tough row to hoe. Our children were more than enough for me!

  4. There is obviously 'more' to the story than we're hearing!

  5. "....adopted somewhat older kids in foster-care ...." meaning, I presume, that these kids had problems to begin with, those problems festered for years, other foster parents didn't or couldn't help them at that point, or the state got involved and most likely made things worse, so now a bureaucrat X miles away with a couple diplomas on her office wall has The Solution.

    'Discipline".....exactly what was the discipline and under what circumstances was it administered and for what offense or behavior? that the Michigan AG is looking for scalps, when the pool of people willing to be foster parents falls by 95%, does this genius have a plan for that? Is that plan more involved than "warehouse them until they're about 14, fully feral and completely uncontrollable then turn them loose on society?"

    1. Maybe this "genius" does have a plan.

      Maybe the plan is to pay $30k/year to institutionalize these kids in a "home" thereby guaranteeing the votes of the legions of employees whose rice-bowl now depends on "the system".

      Just because it seems incredibly stupid and counterproductive from our viewpoint (I assume you are a net-taxpayer) does not mean that it is irrational from her viewpoint.

      Otherwise, I am 100% in agreement with what you write.

    2. Yeah, I overlooked the obvious - support the closed-loop system at all costs because that's where your money and power come from.

  6. 1. Cui Bono?

    B. If you want something really f%#ed up, let the government do it.

    III. politics and bureaucrat jobs are attractive to evil people.

  7. Those of you who are thinking political motives I think are on the right track. I know some of the parties involved, and this has been going on for several years. Detroit News is supposed to run a story on what really happened soon, stay tuned. All is not what it appears from the AG or the press.


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