Friday, December 22, 2023

Sig's Christmas Letter (Cumberland Saga)

To my Brothers and Sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ

From Bishop Siegfried of the Copperhead Cove Church of the Danubian Swabians under our Patron Michael the Archangel

Sig wrote in a cramped hand using an archaic form of German that would make a modern, educated German wince. Copies were photocopied and mailed via US Postal Service to all known members of the church regardless of where they lived.

I pray that the grace of our Lord Jesus continues to bless you on the eve of His birth in this year 2024. And I pray the our Patron Michael the Archangel has protected you from the evils that roam our fallen earth.

Once again we face the tempests of the evil one. We suffered in 1939 and 1945, 1989 and 2000 and 2009. If history rhymes, then some of you will decide that coming back to Copperhead Cove is in the best interest of you and your family.

I must inform you that if you arrive empty-handed we WILL take you in but you will be tempting those of us who are already here with the sins of anger and envy. I ask that you not come empty-handed.

And if we can learned anything from history it is that the evil-one can over-take us like a wave breaking on the beach. As people who God gave a brain, it may prove prudent to send your contributions ahead of your arrival.

After consulting with our Sister Sarah and Elder Roger, we are doubling the size of the land we have in agriculture. As you know from your previous time here, freshly broken woodland is difficult to bring under the plow. Therefore, we decided to put MOST of it into pasture while the tree roots rotted.

I ask you to look into your hearts and into your budgets. Those of us still at Copperhead Cove are willing to be the work-hardened hands and strong-backs of Christ but we need tools to work with. We need funds for animals-of-the-field to populate our newly cleared lands. We need funds for hay to feed them until the grasses cover that new ground.

Our Sisters Sarah and Sister Shannon found a dairy farmer who is willing to sell bred, “cull” cows for $3000 each. Sarah estimates that we need three but five would give us some breathing room. 

Sister Shannon reached out and also found a cattleman who has two and three year old round-bales of hay that have been outside. He is willing to part with them for $100 each.

They also found a shepherd who is willing to part with five cull ewes for $500 each. They are Romney-cross ewes and are over six years old but they have been bred to a Columbia ram and due to lamb in April. I know that Sister Gretel is very gifted in spinning and weaving. We welcome any advice she can share. 

Even though those prices seem insane, remember the times we live in. Even a cull-cow is worth a lot of money as meat. And in the case of the hay, the purchase is as much for the seeds in the hay as it is for the feed value. We have 15 acres of cleared woodland to seed to pasture. 

Other needs include 20" chains and bars for our Husky 450. Clearing 15 acres of woods took its toll. Also, 30" bow-saw blades.

There is still time to prepare if we pray and listen to God’s word.

And for those who have personally answered the call of the Archangel Michael in the past, I ask you to prepare by reading Psalm 55, verse 6, Psalm 76 verse 2 and Rev Chapter 9 daily.


Brother Gustov and Sister Emilia went to the Lord this spring. Gustov from a tractor accident. Emilia from causes known only to God. Please pray for their immortal souls. God created all things, seen and unseen. We pray that he will extend mercy to them in their times of trial as he did in their time here on earth.

We have a new resident in Copperhead Cove. His name is Blain. He works for Sister Sarah and he is undoubtedly an angel sent by God in our time of need.

He neither gossips nor shirks. He came to us with little more than the shirt on his back. Should any of you join us, be mindful of Luke 22:38.

Hand to the plow

Bishop Remus (who you remember was my father) was still alive in 2009. One of the things he told me was “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks behind is fit for the Kingdom of God.” (Luke 9). Many of the issues we had in 2000 and 2009 were from people who, like Lot’s wife, were of two minds. As my nephew Lliam said, "Lot's wife made the mistake of thinking she could keep one foot on the dock while the other was in the kayak."

This is very painful to write. If you have a child who is of-age and does not want to be in Copperhead Cove, and you feel called by God to be here: LEAVE THEM. Do not bring them.

If you have a wife or husband and they are not totally committed to turning their backs on the secular society for-the-duration and you feel called by God to be at Copperhead Cove: LEAVE THEM or stay where you are.

No man knows the day or hour. This may be a false alarm like 2000 or 2009. Or it may be like 1939 or 1945. Our merciful God does not give us the burden of knowing what the future holds for us.

Faith without works

Faith without works is Faith that is dead.

The Bible tells us to act upon our Faith otherwise it is just talk. God called the Israel out of Egypt and later out of Babylon. Many did not leave. They failed.

I ask you to pray, to read the Bible and to look into your hearts. We enter hard times and we need men and women with their spines stiffened by God; men and women committed to doing what is right especially when it is hard.

Know that my prayers, and the prayers of all of us in Copperhead Cove, are with you.


Your Brother in the One True God, He who IS

Bishop Siefried

Copperhead Cove, Tennessee


  1. Well done! Great content too.

  2. I don't feel that is fiction. That is true. ---ken

  3. Excellent narrative device, ERJ. Also, pretty sobering commentary on the state of the world in general. Well done.

  4. Peace and love unto you. Amen

  5. Sig is right. Do we really enter a time where a man works all day in a field for a loaf of bread? Woody

  6. Well done ERJ! Thank you!
    Boat Guy

  7. Those cull dairy cows have been eating lots of grain and alfalfa hay all their lives, will probably not do well on rough pasture and three year old, outdoor stored grass hay, unless she has found them at a pasture based dairy. Preferably, they should be al;most any breed of cow other than the standard holstien cow found in 90% or more of commercial dairys.


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