Monday, December 4, 2023

There is inflation and then there is INFLATION!!!

Inflation has been defined as "Too many dollars chasing too few goods (and/or services)"

Peter over at Bayou Renaissance Man shared the sad mathematics that inform us that we will face accelerating losses in buying power regardless of whether Democrats or Republicans hold the reins of power. The deficit spending is already baked into the cake and nobody is going to walk-it-back. Deficit spending injects dollars into the system and puts a thumb on the scale with regard to "Too many dollars..."

Too few goods...

It is far too easy to forget about the second half of the definition "...too few goods..."

A distinction between the nominal conservatives and the Progressives that is rarely mentioned except in passing is the effect that Progressive policies have on productivity.

(Let's put the question of "Do elections really matter?" to the side for the moment)*

Mark Nissen performed a study regarding throughput and the number-of-levels-of-approval. Every level of approval auto-calibrated to a 50% mortality rate of failures. One level of permitting only approved 50% of applicants. The failures were kicked-back with the message "some changes must be made". Two levels of permitting only approved 25% of applicants "until changes had been made" Three levels...12% were approved first pass through. Four levels...6%.

  • OSHA
  • EPA (multiple internal agencies that work at cross-purposes)
  • Justice
  • IRS
  • Civil Rights
  • Health Department
  • Fire Codes
  • Zoning....

And it is only getting worse. One of our country's premier technical Universities recently went through Woke indoctrination where faculty was threatened with dire consequences if they committed "dead-naming", that is, if they used the name on a student's Birth Certificate, transcripts and other legal documents if the student was in the process of "transitioning".

This math of multi-pass filtering does not comprehend the mindset-of-failure and intimidation that this environment creates. Most people will not take initiative when there is a 75% chance or greater that they are going to get trapped in the La Brea Tar-pits of Government Bureaucracy.

A simple premise

If we only had to worry about deficit spending, we might see prolonged periods of 20%-to-60% annual inflation which will be incredibly painful but survivable for most people.

If we have both deficit spending and continued attacks on productivity then we will have exponentially accelerating inflation and history will forget about the Wiemar Republic and the United States will be the butt of all the joke.

At least when people are productive, people can have their basic, biological needs met even if they are forced to use something other than the debauched currency to transact exchanges. If food and fuel are not produced it becomes biologically impossible to survive.

That is why it is critical to get conservative candidates elected. We can be resilient and strong as a community as long as the little-people who are consumed with envy are not allowed to cut our Achilles tendons with impunity.

*Personally I think elections do matter given the amount of resources Democrats sink into them. At least they matter in some places.


  1. This is all deliberate. It's driven by the lefts rabid irrational hatred of America and their unbridled desire to utterly destroy the country. And since they irretrievably hold the reins of power thanks to their control of the election machinery they will succeed. In fact they have already taken us past the point of no return. The system now MUST collapse. When you have to create money just to pay the interest on the debt it's too late. The collapse is inevitable. Anyone not well prepared by now is likely to not survive what's coming. Even being prepared is no guarantee. No one can predict the future in detail but the big picture is set.

    1. Agreed.
      Can't stop the train, the bridge is already washed out.
      You're right, even the people that get it, don't.
      You don't have enough lead...
      The amount of death that will be required, people just don't get. Its going to be one for the history books.

  2. Empty bellies beget revolt and revolution. Same as it ever was, except that this one is fomented.

  3. We're in trouble, no way out of it... sigh

  4. We *must* stop using their money. That alone is more than most can get their mind around, but as ERJ points out, it's not enough. We must also *produce* things of value. Also as ERJ points out, there are miriad artificial (political) obsticles to doing so... so... we *must* stop asking for permission. Tell them you're not in business, you're only sharing with friends. None of their business. "We're not open to the public: you're tresspassing"

    1. Well said!
      The parallel economy will sustain you, best start building now!

  5. My parents were just married in the 1930s. Many times they said it would not have been so bad if they had just known what to expect. they could have planned ahead. They just always thought next year was going to be better. Now days those who try to maintain a -normal- life style will lose it all. if not real careful. Woody

  6. Woody makes a great point. It is one thing to accept the fact that things are not going to get get better and deal with life as it is; it is another to somehow believe - based on nothing - that next year will be better.

    Thanks for posting the link, ERJ. BRM is a sobering voice.

  7. Great posting, Joe. Dead on. I'm reading a book now, "Global Crisis" by Geoffrey Parker that is the most frightening thing I have ever read. It makes "One Second After" seem like reading Dr. Seus. It is world history during the 17th century and it's like reading about today. History goes around and around. --ken

  8. Elections matter because they are the opiate of the masses. As long as you believe in elections, you will keep on voting harder, and won't do anything effective.


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