Thursday, December 7, 2023

Houston: We have water pressure!


Water back on-line 24 hours after calling the well-drillers.

Mrs ERJ is happy.

If you live in Eaton, Jackson or the southwest corner of Ingham counties, these might be good guys to know.


  1. Could you please share the diagnosis?

  2. The pump was dead.

    Charlie, the older guy was training Sean the younger guy.

    They used a multi-tester to check the windings from the junction box. Then they pulled the cap on the well and checked there, too.

    Charlie said that every once in a while the problem is between the box and the wires dropped down to the pump.

    Yeah, I know B said this was within my capabilities but it was nice to have it be Wham-Bam-Thank-you Chuck and Sean! done.

    1. I figured since the cap had blown and replacing it did not fix the issue. If the rotor is locked (or just dragging really bad) then the current through the cap is very high....leading to boiling of the electrolyte and the damage you found.

      Glad you have water again. Hope you didn't pay too much....

    2. " too much..." is a subjective term.

      They billed $1700. I might have felt gouged if I had waited two weeks and paid that. Having water-pressure 90 minutes after they hit the driveway (that big truck is a rolling warehouse) was a bargain.

      Some things are worth spending money on. Keeping Mrs ERJ happy is one of them.

      $1700 can buy a bit of tinsel with a sparkly stone in it or it can buy a new water-pump + installation. Mrs ERJ's preferences run toward having running water.

    3. that's a fair price for a new pump (I assume 3/4 HP) and installation with a warranty.

      Twice what it COULD have cost you, but a fair price nonetheless. Businesses gotta meet the bills.....

  3. On the top of my well is an old cast iron well pump that I bought at a farm sale a little over 50 years ago. It looks like a yard decoration. It isn't, it will pump water and I do it about once a month just to make sure. To make sure-- just in case. ---ken

    1. Coyote,make sure you have extra leathers or whatever your pump uses,love hand pumps for backup.

  4. Tradesfolk that the do the job quickly and honestly are worth every penny (Yes, we have the same type of company for The Ranch and they deliver the same service).

  5. Well guys arrived 15 minutes after Mrs. Neck called them. Dropped what they had scheduled to work on, to do the job.
    Pump locked up, dead, control box fried, pressure switch fried, wiring shot. Pulled 421' of pipe to replace pump and wiring, all new top end components.
    2 hours 45 minutes and $3300.00 later the water was back on.
    I did the clean up and insulated the wellhead myself.



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