Wednesday, December 6, 2023


I replaced the start capacitor and that did not fix the problem. It was a pain to replace because there was arcing damage on the female 1/4" terminals that accept the spades. I had to remove the box from the wall which meant disconnecting all of the wires.

I tapped out and called the company that drilled the well in the mid-90s. A technician is scheduled to come out some time tomorrow and perform diagnostics.

Render unto Caesar and all that. Or, to quote the great philosopher Kenny Rogers "Know when to walk away, know when to run...".

Tent camps

I am treading water at this point. The credible source is in the process of confirming if any camps actually exist or if they are urban myths.

I popped open a few GIS sources on the internet to scope out the alleged locations of the camps. Looking at topographical maps and businesses, one likely location is 200 yards from a gas-station/mini-mart. Another is 200 yards from a "Party Store". The third is 200 yards from a full-service grocery/department store (with an extensive inventory of liquid goods).

Three-for-three is unlikely to be random chance.

I don't think the 200 yards is magic because different locations will scale differently based on population density and price of land. But it resonates with me that "refugees" might be anchored by the convenience of those kinds of businesses and by the availability of public toilets for 18-to-24 hours of the day.

Something that never occurred to me until it jumped off the maps and whacked me between the eyes.

If you want to avoid refugee camps, stay away from gas stations, Dollar stores and party/convenience stores. 

Comments appreciated. Let's compare notes.

Fruit trees

This year I lost several apple trees which snapped off at the graft union during one of our late-summer windstorms. I had several other trees blow-over but the grafts did not break and some of the roots were not broken.

Today I addressed the trees that had blown over. I cut the scaffold branches back to stubs and topped out the central leader at about 6'. Then I straightened them up and tied them to a post to secure them. God willing, I will save them and they will live to fruit again.

I noticed that at least one of my plum trees is gravely afflicted with bacterial canker, that is, gumosis. I would really like to keep a couple of European plum trees alive but it may be an uphill push. Time will tell. And they tell me that these kinds of plum trees grow like weeds in Europe, or at least they did until Sharka virus showed up.


  1. It has been a rough year here for fruit trees also. Wind and cold did a lot of damage and apple bore really hit mine hard before I saw it. Good luck getting them going for next year. --ken

  2. If the tech decides it is the pump itself, then seriously think about replacing it yourself. Two men can do it is about an hour.

    You can get a decent pump for about $400, a great one for about $800. Should be you already have the rest, all you should need would be a propane torch and maybe a brass hose barb and a good quality all stainless hose clamp.

  3. ERJ, One of our church members mentioned at evening service tonight that their well went down today. I went over to get a visual but didn't want to fiddle with electrical bits in the dark. Mrs. Neck will be calling the pump people in the morning while I do some testing. The control box looks like it was shipped over on the Mayflower so I hope that's it.


  4. Had all kinds of fun with my well this summer. Just start replacing parts.... $1800 later, literally everything but the pump is new!

  5. In our area (McAllen TX), a refugee camp was attempted to get started but public opinion after it was leaked to press cut it down. Here is a link to the story, back in August 2021:

    1. The people that wave away concerns about the immigrant problem (greatly exacerbated these last few years) do not seem to grok that these bodies need to live, somewhere. They need to eat, something. They will not curl up and die and go away.
      They will require dealing with, in one form or another. Now that they are here, whats going to happen, is anyones guess... but I don't have a warm fuzzy.

    2. They came, uninvited. They should be returned to the border that they crossed over. Accommodating them here, on US soil gives them what they want....the fact that they illegally entered should preclude their residence here.

      Kick them out.

  6. Pump was $2800+400 labor, Installing new screen and tank 2000 more


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