Thursday, December 21, 2023

Only the mediocre are always at their best

Lifting notes:

Not a great day at the gym. Sets of 6-6-5 at 190 pounds. I felt weak. I may have been dehydrated or a tad under-the-weather.

In a what-the-hell moment, I added ten pounds to bring the total up to 200. I did one repetition and then called it a day. The weight room went from two of us to six in the blink-of-an-eye and it was feeling crowded.

I have a set of lifting straps coming after Christmas. I consulted with Belladonna and she was OK with me trying the Figure-8 style straps. The major advantage is that getting the second hand strapped to the bar might be less "fiddly" with Figure-8 straps than with the other alternatives. The downside is that they are "sized". Reading the comments, if you get a set that are too big you can tighten them up with one-or-two twists.


  1. And that, sir, is why you are always first to spring to mind when mediocrity is discussed.

    We salute you!!!!

  2. Thanks for these - and all the recovery discussions. Broke my hip/femur after T-day and got some hardware installed. Re-reading your saga and progress has been motivating.

  3. Thank-you for sharing!

    Getting old(er) is something we only do once. It is not something we can rehearse.

    If you have been following the blog, you might have noticed that I wrote a few posts about osteoporosis.

    I was unhappy to learn the men are also vulnerable to it.

    I recall that standard medical advice for men who had heart attacks in the '50s and even into the 1960s was "rest, let your heart heal". That is no longer the standard-of-care.

    Hopefully, advances in imagery will help doctors come up with optimal ways to regrow bone.

    Not to turn this into a long essay, but one of Mrs ERJ's friends was extolling the virtues of boron in the diet. I thought "BS!".

    Then I looked on

    Mrs ERJ's friend was on-to something. The literature suggests that it needs to be organic boron (in the sense that the boron atom is involved in a molecule that contains carbon).

    There are many foods and beverages that contain boron. The problem is that some of the foods are difficult to eat in sufficient quantities. Can you eat six ounces of peanut butter every day?

    The best option is to drink fruit juices. Grape, apple and plum juice are fairly rich in the kind of boron that appears to be helpful for bone health and it is not difficult to drink 12 ounces of fruit juice in a day.

    For what it is worth, wine does not lose any of the boron in the fermentation process, so it counts as "grape juice" although it might not help your balance 8-)

  4. We (wife and I) came across some mentions of vitamin K2 that may be worth researching. In very rough terms, it seems K2 is "involved in tissue calcification, particularly in bones and arterial walls." It seems to affect other processes, one retarding calcification of arteries and another enhancing calcification of bones.

    Quoted material from:

    Regarding the boron, just saw something about that at
    He has also linked to info on vitamin K2.


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