Wednesday, December 20, 2023

A shout-out to all of my buddies who sent me seed-nuts!!!

Once again my name is engraved in the Hall of Heroes.

Mrs ERJ is VERY impressed with the quality of my friends.

I have been receiving packages of seeds from Kentucky and Arizona and other places. I spent this morning packing them in moist potting soil so I can "stratify" them. Many seeds need a period of cool-to-cold and dampness to satisfy their dormancy requirement.

Keeping all of the different strains of nuts and precise parentage of various acorns and hickory nuts is tedious but worth doing. They are going into individually labeled, heavy-duty ziplock bags and thence into a heavy-duty, 30 gallon tub that will get covered to deter squirrels and other rodents.

And then I wait.

My benefactors were extraordinarily generous in their amounts. I may have saved one-or-two nuts of a few select populations to WOW! the lovely Mrs ERJ. 

She adores pecans and I am enjoying the benefits of being her "connection".

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