Monday, December 18, 2023

Lifting notes

10 reps of 130 pounds to warm-up.

Belladonna told me about the "hook grip" where the lifter aligns his thumb along the axis of the bar and then curls the tips of his index and longest finger over his thumb.

Unfortunately, I must have Karelian Trolls in my bloodline because I have short, stubby fingers. It just did not work for me.

130 pounds seemed light and a breeze.

190 pounds felt heavy on the first lift of each set. I managed sets of 6-5-6-5-5-5 for 32 dead-lifts of my target weight. Sweaty hands were an issue. My hands started slipping earlier in each set as my body-heat built up.

I tried to follow the advice of coach Belladonna, to lift slowly and lower slowly. that got harder in the latter sets. I sped up as I attempted to hit at least five repetitions.

I am not ready to add any more weight but that is OK. I will get there. Or not.


  1. That's pretty good work. I have long fingers, but hook grip always make me feel like my thumbs are at imminent risk of ripping off, so I don't use it. Just regular overhand for me.

  2. Are you using lifting straps?

    1. Not yet.

      I have some wrist bands that are velcro that have a "hook". Kubota had a pair when he worked concrete and had to hump buckets of mud down steps into basements.

      I expect two more lifting sessions, three days apart at 190 lbs "naked". If I am not up to 40 repetitions total then I will take the hooks the next time out.

      Based on the delayed muscle soreness levels, 32 reps at 190 lbs is not a trivial amount for where I am with regard to strength.

      The gains are coming slower. I will only add five pounds for my next increment up, whenever that happens.

    2. Back in the cretaceaus period when I was a youth, we used these thinggies:

  3. Gloves might help with the sweatiness

    1. I will ask Belladonna.

      She isn't lifting as intensely as she used to.

      She informed me that she popped into the gym to lift last week and ONLY managed to DL 375, which is almost exactly 2X what I am working with. As a small sop to my ego, she did a single rep and may have been wearing a belt.

  4. ERJ, I have always struggled with a hook grip, in lifting and in throwing. That said, everyone's anatomy is slightly different - for example, in open hand I cannot get fist completely flat aligned for a punch as my knuckles are way out in front.


    This is a good video on how to hook grip. I have incredibly small hands and it helped me hook. That said, there's little point to hook gripping sets of more than 3. Use straps (there a bunch of videos on how to make super cheap straps out of webbing or old seatbelts).


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