Thursday, June 8, 2023

Tomato plant pron


Stupice. It is already flowering!!!

Orange Icicle


The structure with twine hanging down to clip the tomato vines to.

I watered the portion of the garden with the flour-corn last night.

The yellow bucket marks about where the irrigation intersects the row of onions. The onions closer to us are not nearly as robust as the ones getting water. A picture is worth a thousand words.

I was having chipmunks digging up my cabbage plants. I prefer that they be much larger before transplanting but events forced my hand. I got them planted today. 11 Typhoon and 30 Deadon

Zinnia seedlings with a post on the right side of the image.

These are yellow sweet cherries. They will be ripe in a few more days and we will be gorging on sweet cherries.
Today had a diversion from gardening. Handsome Hombre and I moved the cattle to Sprite's back pasture. It went very smoothly.


  1. Water always makes a HUGE difference...

  2. Cherries already?!!?
    Thats one of the trees I still have to add to the orchard. Hope I live long enough to eat some!
    ... after 6 years, I just might get an apple this year! Gotta keep spraying! Peaches all had worms... but I may still try to eat part of one, only had those 4 years. Didn't spray early enough.

    1. If I had to do it over again, I would have planted one of the newer varieties. I chose yellow cherries because they are not bothered as much by birds.

      Have you considered one of the "improved" mulberry varieties. I have many grafts of Illinois Everbearing Mulberry on the property and it is a heavy-lifter. It produces delicious fruit, it produces heavily and it produces over an extended period of time.

    2. The missus has wanted mulberries - she thinks one of the ornamental 'weeping' varieties planted in the front flower bed would look nice, and will give us enough of a crop to eat fresh, make jams and pies, AND still enough for the birds.
      She's a sweetheart allright.
      Your tales of grafting prowess has me intrigued for a year or two now. At 49, I literally have to question my planting choices. I'll probably never eat one of the pecans I planted, but plant I will. I'm surrounded by woods with mature trees, if I could graft, I might find a way to knock a few years off my time-line. But I need a new hobby like a hole in the head!

  3. Sir, just my opinion after many years of growing 40-50 tomato plants each year. I would remove the flowers from the Stupice plant at this time as it is early in the season and this variety is an Indeterminate and better for it to put its energy into growing tall and strong vs fruiting right now.

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