Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Fine Art Tuesday


Frank Earle Schoonover born 1877 in New Jersey, died 1972 in Delaware  (age 94).

His catalog holds more than 5000 illustrations. In 1903 he traveled 1200 in Canada and Alaska almost exclusively by snowshoe, dog-sled and canoe.

These compressed illustrations were popular in magazines.


  1. Zounds! The breadth of his work itself is fascinating. Vastly different subjects, yet all with a realism as if you are there. I feel for the man who may well lose his dogs to the ice. The congenial warm invitation exuding from the portrait of the drummer at the door. Is that Miss Ross?

    1. I am not sure who the lady is, but I have solid information that the man at the door is Todd Rundgren.

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  3. All very nice. I always enjoy the art posts. His work is very reminiscent of Harvey Dunn. Especially the military art. I wonder if they ever met.


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