Thursday, January 30, 2020

An IQ test for all those smart city-slickers

  1. When does TD Coney Island serve breakfast?
  2. Find Eaton County (to within 100 miles) on a US map
  3. Which is older, the 30-30 chambering or the 30-06?
  4. What is the diameter of a 30 caliber projectile in the US?
  5. What is the diameter of a 30 caliber projectile in the UK?
  6. What is the diameter of the projectile fired from the 8mm Mauser?
  7. Beer nuts cost $1.47 at Quality Dairy; what about deer nuts?
  8. When do gardeners plant tomatoes in your neighborhood?
  9. What is "mixed gas"? What is it used in?
  10. Is a smallmouth bass or a largemouth bass more likely to jump when hooked?
  11. Does your vehicle get better fuel economy in warm weather or cold weather?
  12. When gutting a deer, why is it prudent to hang them with their heads up rather than down?
  13. What do men need to understand about women?
  14. Is Isaiah in the New Testament or the Old Testament?
  15. How many Apostles followed Jesus around?

  1. Any time.
3. 30-30 Winchester is 12 years older than the 30-06 Springfield
4. 0.308 inches
5. 0.311 inches
6. 0.323 inches or 8.2mm
7. You can find deer nuts under a buck
8. Variable. Around here it is usually Memorial Day Weekend
9. Mixed gas usually refers to a mix of lubricating oil and gasoline used in 2-stroke engines. It can refer to 25% CO2- 75% Argon used in MIG welding.
10. Smallmouth bass are more likely to jump.
11. Warm weather. Less rolling resistance in the tires, for one thing.
12. Guts fall into the chest cavity when hung head-down and it is a pain to pull them out.
13. Nothing. We just need to love them.
14. Old Testament
15. Twelve.


  1. We...JUST ...need to love them. Women. What a blessing from God.


  2. #6 Can also be .318, the original 8 mm Mauser diameter for the 88 Patrone. The .323 is the 1903 spitzer S Patrone, used in the world wars. Compatibility with the S Patrone is denoted by and S mark on the top of the receiver over the chamber. This is important to check for if you plan on shooting a 1888 commission rifle or an older G98, as the overbore S Patrone is hard on these old rifles.

    1. You are absolutely correct. Most factory ammunition loaded in the US is under-loaded to account for the fact that ammo with .323" projectiles might find its way into rifles with .318 bores. The factory ammo still kills stuff.


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