Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Imagine my surprise...

Psychology and "Social sciences" are now considered STEM fields!

According to the US Census bureau:

(T)he Standard Occupational Classification Policy Committee, consisting of representatives from 9 federal agencies, convened throughout 2011 at the request of the Office of Management and Budget to create guidelines for the classification of STEM workers. The final recommendations are available online at Based on this classification, STEM (now) includes computer and mathematical occupations, engineers, engineering technicians, life scientists, physical scientists, social scientists, science technicians, and STEM managers.
 From a list of degrees are a few athat are now considered STEM degrees:
  1. Cognitive Psychology and Psycholinguistics
  2. Comparative Psychology
  3. Developmental and Child Psychology
  4. Experimental Psychology
  5. Personality Psychology
  6. Physiological Psychology/Psychobiology
  7. Social Psychology
  8. Psychometrics and Quantitative Psychology
  9. Psychopharmacology
  10. Research and Experimental Psychology
  11. Sustainability Studies
  12. Behavioral Sciences


  1. Huh - looks like they left Voodoo Doctors and Fortune Tellers off of their list.

  2. They left underwater basket weaving off the list. Accidently, I'm sure.

  3. I was wondering how someone would make a living with a degree in 15th century Belgian homosexuality. Looks like I'll be finding out real soon when they become in charge of everything.

  4. That's going to make it a whole lot easier to shovel in a bunch of Diversity Requirements as part of the standard syllabus. Gender Math Studies in Differential Equations and Structural Engineering in the White Patriarchy. Sad to see.

  5. Speaking as a guy with a degree in social psychology, it’s a real reach to include the various flavors of psychology in STEM

  6. Maybe so, but Obama can truthfully claim to have increased the number of African-Americans with degrees in STEM fields by 85%

  7. A while back we were at the library - they had changed STEM to STEAM.

    A stood for (drumroll) . . . Arts.


    1. John: No doubt, because of ALL the GREAT paying, HIGHLY productive jobs, simply going begging for degreed applicants, in Duh Aerts


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