Thursday, January 30, 2020

IQ Test, Part III

  1. Why did the families renting the houses behind the Lutheran Church raise chickens in the basement? Hints: It involves Spangled Roundheads and Penny Hatches.
  2. Why does the family renting a house behind the Baptist Church raise chickens in the basement?
  3. If people who always vote for the liberal candidate are always smarter than conservatives, then why do election workers in Detroit have to coach voters on what the letter "D" looks like. "I knows dat. But what do it look like?" 
  4. Which purveyor of upscale men's clothing typically charges more: Jacque Penais or San Vinnet de Pau?
  5. What is the name of the coach for the Crimson Tide football team?
  6. Which group tends to have higher body-fat: Liberals of Conservatives?
  7.  Using an unlabeled map, find Ghana and the Cross River in Africa
  8.  Using an unlabeled map, find Burundi and Rwanda

  1. Lutheran Social Services resettled Asian refugees in those houses and they enjoy cock-fighting. Roundheads and Hatches are breeds of fighting cocks.
  2. The family living in the house behind the Baptist church is from Southern Indiana. They are afraid if they keep chickens outside, everybody will think they are from Kentucky.
  3. The mind boggles. "D", like on a Detroit Tigers baseball cap.
  4. The clothing from J.C. Penney's is always more expensive than the clothing from Saint Vincent de Paul.
  5. Nick Saban.
  6. Liberals. Using the Democratic party as a proxy for Liberals, the vast majority of African-Americans and Hispanics consider themselves to be Democrats. Women are 45% more likely to be Democrat than Republican. African-Americans are 36% more likely to be obese or morbidly obese than whites. Hispanics are 10% more likely. The average American woman has 40% body fat while the average American man has a body-fat percentage of 28%.
  7. Forty times more Americans have ancestors who emigrated from Ghana and the Cross River region than emigrated from the Ukraine. I am not claiming every conservative can pick these two areas off a map, but I am conservative and I can.
    Red circle is Ghana and bright, blue squiggle is location of the Cross River.

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