Thursday, January 30, 2020

An IQ test, Part II

  1. How many cylinders does the most common Cummins Diesel have?
  2. In what make of pickup truck is this engine offered as the premium engine?
  3. Is premium gas is specified for that engine? If no, why not?
  4. If you went on a safari, would you be more likely to go to Zaire, Zimbabwe or Zambia?
  5. How many heads can a crack-head crack if a crack-head could crack heads?
  6. What are the actual thickness and width of a 2-by-4?
  7. What is the name of the person who empties your wastebasket?
  8. What is their nationality?
  9. Do they have any kids?
  10. What do "AC" and "DC" power refer to?
  11. Can you put a typical AC motor into reverse by reversing the polarity?
  12. Can you put some AC motors into reverse by switching a pair of wires?
  13. The most commonly encountered AC motors run on XXXX Voltage. What is that Voltage?
  14. The most commonly encountered DC motors run on YYYY Voltage. What is that Voltage?
  15. Name the state where world famous blogger C.W. Swanson lives.

  1. Six cylinders.
  2. Dodge
  3. It is a diesel, stupid. It doesn't run on gas.
  4. Zambia. Zaire was renamed and Zimbabwe is too dangerous for safari.
  5. Given the paucity of cracked heads in the MSM, we are forced to surmise the answer is "Zero".
  6. 1.5 inches by 3.5 inches.
  7. Varies. This person is privy to most of your secrets. If you don't know his/her name, why?
  8. This person was probably not born in the United States but is probably proud of where they came from.
  9. This person is privy to your boss's secrets and can give you a heads up about when you are about to be fired. Why don't you know anything about them?
  10. AC and DC refer to electrical power. AC stands for "Alternating Currrent" where the voltage of one wire varies in a sinusoidal fashion relative to the other wire. That relative voltage alternates between positive and negative. DC is direct current and it does not alternate between positive and negative.
  11. No.
  12. Yes. You can reverse the direction a 3-Phase, inductive, electric motor turns by reversing one or three pairs of wires.
  13. Most AC motors you encounter in your home or office run on a nominal 110V voltage. 
  14. Most DC motors will be encountered in mobile equipment and run on a nominal 12V voltage.
  15. California.


  1. 7. Howie. He was born an American and is close to retirement age. He passed a background check like everybody in my office. I should ask him about his kids - he is new on the job; I know about the daughter of the guy who did it previously.
    Did you mean my home? I can't get trash service at home, so I am my own trash man.

  2. Danny is the trash packer driver for the shop. If I hear him I run outside to greet him. He's a old guy with no teeth, and in the summer I buy him sweet tea, and gave him a mountain bike for his grandson. His wife recently divorced him so now he has to work past regular retirement age. I try to get family and friends to fill up the dumpster, since it still amazes me that every Wednesday at 800 it is ready to fill again. WasteManagment.

  3. Elena, mid-40s, she was from Ecuador, mother of 2, hubby worked for a landscaping firm. The daughter was Estrella??? Never mentioned the boy's name.

  4. You missed the mailman. Tony is ours, so I asked which business gets the most mail in our area? He confirmed my suspicion, on who, but, I would have never guessed that their volume is multiple times more by far than anyone else.


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