Friday, January 3, 2020


This post observes a few facts around the Soleimani execution. It is mostly judgement free.

A high degree of symmetry was observed. Soleimani was not on Iranian soil nor was there Iranian airspace above him.

He may have been traveling under "diplomatic immunity", the same basket of rules that should have kept Iranian proxies from storming the gates of the US Embassy and destroying US property.

Soleimani was a military man. That makes him a military target.

Traveling through Baghdad under the current political climate was not the smartest thing Soleimani could do.

The number of casualties was smaller than if the US tried to level the Iranian enrichment plants.

My guess is that Iranian leadership just pitched their cell phones into the sewer and are back to using pencil and paper.


  1. That simply has to be part of their military strategy. I expect their communications just got a whole lot slower.

    1. If you hunt deer then you know about "patterning" the target.

      If a high-level Iranian official visits his mistress every Wednesday afternoon at five, then what are the odds he will stop doing that after he pitches his cell phone?

      The game is played at many, many levels.

  2. And now they are worried about international laws...


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