Wednesday, January 15, 2020

My two favorite prices are "Free" and "Almost free"

Today was a day to be frustrated with technology.

My phone thinks I have headphones plugged in and the audible cuts in-and-out.

Our home computers are going through some kind of massive system up-dates. Either Firefox or Windows is downloading security patches.

The good news is that the chainsaw worked like a champ.

I found some root suckers on a decent apple seedling in our semi-wild orchard, Zone 4 in permaculture speak. The tree is notable for balanced growth, very large yields of big, beautiful fruit. The fruit stores well but the flavor is bland. I doubt that the deer care about the flavor.

It appears that I will be able to chisel the suckers off the mother tree's roots and use for the quarter-acre planting at the hunting lease. I like things that are free or almost free.

I made a small change to the plans. I will first plant on a 20'-by-20' grid and then add density as I get my hands on the plants.

About half of the hunters contacted me and support the plan. I need to get the others to commit. Then I can pitch the idea to the land owner.

I think I purchased this Brush-Hog for $200. The blade, gearbox and PTO spin freely.

I gave my nephew the $200 because he has the trailer that it will fit on.

I also bought a one-hundred pound roll of high tensile, electric fence wire for $20. I suspect it is 4000 feet long.

Mrs ERJ and I visited a thrift store and picked up this glider for $14. The wood is all oak. The carriage was missing a screw which is why it no longer rocked smoothly. The screw cost me twenty cents.

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  1. Nice scores. I find a lot of good buys on the Facebook Marketplace. Hate supporting Facebook, but the Marketplace is too good to miss.


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