Sunday, January 5, 2020

Trump livid

Un-named sources say President Trump is livid. He is reputed to have said "Look, you cheap-azz punks. Obama gave you $1,300 million and all you are willing to spend to neutralize me is $80 million? It is not even your own money. You can do better than that. Make it an even $2.0 billion and at least have a little bit of your own skin in the game."


  1. This is too funny. It's like the Dr. Evil ransom joke, with him not understanding the effect of inflation while he was frozen.

  2. Iran is reputed to have foreign reserves of $130 Billion. Obama's gift increased that by about 1%

    Since money is fungible, Obama's gift pro-rates to $800,000 of the $80M Iran is offering for Trump's head.

    Sadly, some Americans would dance in the streets if they realized that the former POTUS partially enabled the "Contract" on the current POTUS.

  3. There are some Dem reps that would do anything for money.
    Particularly this.


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