Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Cutting brush

One advantage of having the orchard longer in the east-west direction is that it is less affected by shade.
I got permission from the person who owns the land where our hunting lease is to put in a 1/4 acre orchard.

The dirt-colored double line is the two-track that passes through the hunting lease.

Elevation lines are every 2 ft.

Area outlined in yellow is approximately where the orchard will go.

Blue ovals are areas that will be shaded for part of the day and the fruit trees will have to compete with forest trees for moisture and nutrients. Oval on the east (right) must contend with Black Walnut trees, so those will be American Persimmons.

Some Before/After Pictures
Some ash trees dropped across the two-track

This area was chosen for the orchard because there is not that much brush to clear. Unfortunately, that mean the soil is poor. This shot was from the southeast corner looking north.

Fruit trees are pigs for sunlight. No sunlight equals no fruit.

This shot is looking west up the two-track.
I was working to a schedule and only cut for about forty minutes. Still, it was long enough for my hands to get cold!


  1. Good plan, and what, three, four years to get a start to the point the deer will be using it?

    1. I am managing expectations by saying five. It would be nice if it started producing sooner. But even if it is ten years, in year eleven the hunters will be far better off than if we hadn't planted these trees.

  2. Someone I trust told me the best time to plant trees is now and ten years ago


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