Friday, January 24, 2020

The fine art of passing for native

One of my nieces is studying over-seas.

If/when coronavirus becomes entrenched in that country, there is the possibility of civil unrest and it is likely that foreigners will be blamed.

As an American in a foreign country it is sometimes a good idea to NOT be instantly identified as American.

In the event of civil unrest it is a great idea to wear very good walking shoes everywhere you go and to carry a paper map of the city. The bus you are riding might become stuck in congestion and you might find yourself forced to walk back to the hotel or dorm. A map will help you swing wide enough around hotspots to not become embroiled in them.

Remember Remus's Rule Number One: Stay away from crowds.

Reposted for convenience of readers and because pretty girls need no excuse
I see ... lower neck-lines, low-riding knee-length shorts in neutral colors and white athletic-type shoes. I also see many scarves, functional belts and three pairs of sunglasses (two are residing in the "UP" position.)

None of the pretty girls are wearing jeans. Most blouses look clingy/stretchy to accentuate curviness. Check out Miss Turquiose-top, third-from-left.

Tote bags are favored over backpacks.

I DON'T see any yoga pants, torn jeans or high heels. Most of the girls have discrete neck jewelry or bracelets. The one exception is Miss June Cleaver on the extreme left who is wearing two strings of pearls.

What do you see? I especially want to hear from the ladies.

Does anybody want to guess a country and region? I will publish an uncropped version of the image tomorrow.


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