Saturday, January 11, 2020

Are Republicans NAZIs? Are Democrats NAZIs?

 Actions associated with the NAZI Party
  • Scapegoating of problems on relatively powerless minorities (Jews, Roma)
  • Blaming external forces and "traitors" for all domestic problems. Example: Treaty of Versailles (Soros?)
  • Motherland is for racially pure
  • Political opposition is executed (1934)
  • Jack-booted thugs intimidate competing factions (Antifa?)
  • Mobilization for war (War on Terror?)
  • Tear up treaties (UN Nuclear Treaty?)
  • "Political offenses" become felonies (Hate crimes?)
  • Secret police and loss of privacy (Patriot act, NSA?)
  • Courts are captured
  • Eight hour work day
  • Massive state intervention in the domestic economy (Regulations?)
  • Command economy (Incentives, outlawing incandescent lamps?)
  • Nationalize key industries (Subsidizing solar, Electric cars)
  • Tariffs to protect key industries (Trade war with China)
  • Expansive public works (Shovel ready jobs, NPR, supporting arts)
  • Economy is made subservient to the State (high taxes)
  • Death squads 
  • Eugenics and killing/sterilizing imperfect people (Late term abortion on demand)
  • Fragmented and competing arms of government (EPA, Fuel economy standards and Safety standards are at odds)
  • Mass incarceration of Jews and other non-favored sub-groups (High incarceration rates for African-American men)
  • Territorial expansion
  • Foreign intervention (War on Terror)

I did a quick scan through some Wikipedia articles and pulled out some "markers" that most people would agree were characteristic of the NAZI party. Most of these were firmly in place within a year of their assuming power.

Then I penciled in some parallels in the modern American political landscape.

Finally, I highlighted the parallels with RED (like a MAGA hat) if I thought they were more identified with the Republican party and Green if they were more identified with the Democratic party.

Both parties have promoted policies that make them vulnerable to accusations of being "NAZIs". The Republicans are identified with The War on Terror, Trade wars and blaming Soros. The Democrats are identified with creating an unholy alliance where the economy is subordinate to the State.

There are still some gaping chasms between us and the NAZI of the 1930s and 40s.

We don't have widespread political assassinations, Epstein and Seth Rich not withstanding.

Both parties favor immigration, the Republicans favor legal immigration and the Democrats favor all immigration.

We don't have roving, domestic death-squads. We may topple governments and we may fund and arm death-squads in other countries, but for now they don't exist in the United States.

We don't have territorial expansion tendencies because the only land we don't have influence over is in space.

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