Sunday, November 11, 2018

When punching somebody in the nose is an act of kindness

Today's litany of stupidity includes a celebrity who punched a heckler in the nose. The heckler called the celebrity's daughter a "cunt".

Rather than simply reporting the facts, most news outlets are editorializing and condemning the celebrity. Those news outlets are wrong.

This is not something you have to explain to most men. We protect our women. We protect our children.

The heckler was not five years old. He cannot use the excuse "I didn't know what the word meant."

From a different perspective, the heckler was issuing a "cry for help." That term usually makes me cringe but I think it has applicability in this case. The heckler was looking for limits and guardrails. The sooner he finds them the less damage he will do to himself and others. Getting punched in the nose is a clear indication that you found that guardrail you were looking for. No ambiguity there!

Likely, words were meaningless to him. If you are reading this blog then you undoubtedly have a functional command  of the English language. It is easy to forget about the person whose ability to process verbal information is in the oneth percentile. Three very short, declarative sentences and he is done. If it were listed as an IQ, it would an IQ of 55 for verbal processing.

Lansing is not very big as cities go. The metropolitan area is about 400,000. That means there are 4000 oneth percentile people walking around at any given time for any given attribute.

Punching somebody in the nose is excellent communication. It is immediate and it transcends any language barriers. The only time it is not appropriate is when the other party is trying to goad you into escalating the conflict and they have numerical or hardware advantages.

Now I know a few of you reading this are trying to make it more complicated that it is. You are thinking, "He was asking for it. The name-caller wanted the big reaction, so he won." If you are that person, I ask you to look inside yourself. In many cases people who embrace "reverse psychology" lack the stomach to do what needs to be done. Reverse psychology gives those people intellectual cover to shy away stepping up and doing what must be done.

It is like the overweight parent who never refuses the overweight child food. "Well, he would just get sneaky and eat more to spite me." Yup. They would get sneaky but it is unlikely they would eat more if you simply kept less food in the house or kept fewer foods that were "Yummy!" But that would cramp your style, wouldn't it.

I dare say that Trump's simplicity is what most enrage his haters. They see him as a bully or a brute. Or it may be that his direct approach exposes the hater's intellectual dishonesty and lack of courage.


  1. It certainly sounds like the uncouth heckler was the recipient of a short and to the point Educational Beat Down. Hopefully he learned the lesson regarding the usage of acceptable language in civil society.

  2. Yep, educational beat down. Amazing how well that works!

  3. I agree - enabling someone, or ignoring their problems, is NOT the way to improve society.


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