Monday, November 19, 2018

Helping a friend with a new freedom bell

First nine shot group at 50 yards.

A friend bought a new freedom bell.

We shot it first at 25 yards to ensure we could find the paper.

Red dot scope, as mounted was 4 inches low at twenty-five yards. It took a lot of "clicks" to get first-zero at 25 yards. Those clicks were pretty darned sluggish sounding in the 25 degree weather, I might add.

I wonder how many people simply mount a scope and assume it is good-to-go?

One of my family members recently assumed they could use E-85 in their vehicle because are were no warning labels at the fuel fill door saying they can't. That was an expensive mistake. In the same vein, there are no stickers on the scope implying that it isn't perfectly adjusted from-the-factory.

We got it centered.

This group was nine shots at 50 yards.

We called it a day when the scope was adjusted so it was one inch high at fifty yards.

Let Freedom Ring!

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