Saturday, November 3, 2018


I grew up in the shadow of the Great Age of Voices.

Radio demanded that you reach through the ether with only your voice and to snatch up and transport the listener to far-away worlds. Your voice and only your voice; that was your only tool.

Some of the great voices of radio migrated to TV. Many did not.

But, oh the voices, especially the great baritones:
  • William Conrad
  • Jim Bachus
  • Loren Greene
  • Richard Burton
  • The great radio sports announcers of the day
There were others, much less well known, Stan Howell, Allan D. Gilmour.

Their voices caressed each phoneme, savoring each one like a paramour kissing his love or a connoisseur swirling the substance of a very rare and rich vintage of port around in his mouth.

Modern speakers
I was speaking disparagingly of modern actors when Belladonna called BS.

"What about Vin Diesel?" she challenged.

"OK, I will spot you Vin Diesel. GREAT voice. Lousy scripts, but great voice. But nobody else is close." I replied. "Warm baritone, rich in harmonics."

"Dwayne Johnson." she popped out.

My turn to call "BS."

She said, "Listen to him."

I listened. He was "OK."

"John Krasinski." she said.

I listened. "He has promise but he does not love the sound of his own voice. He needs to slow down."

"Chris Hemsworth?" she suggested.

"Stagey and over-blown." I yawned.

"Robert Downey Jr.?" she ventured.

"Petulant and self-absorbed." I dismissed.

So what do you guys think? Yes, you my readers: Can you name any contemporary actors who can transport you with their voice?

I beg you, please comment.

Shekel nominated Morgan Freeman (Clip)

BW Bandy nominated Mark Steyn (Clip) Gets good at 1:43 mark

Suz nominated James Earl Jones (Clip) Four horsemen sequence at about 16:00 mark


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. He narrated his own birth.

      Is it a statistical anomaly that two of the actors on the list, Loren Greene and Dwayne Johnson are Canadian or are Canadians inherently believable?

  2. James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman for sure !!! Morgan does narration for some of the movies he is in. There are reasons for that. James Earl Jones has done commercials...again a reason they chose him!!
    The Voice !!


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