Saturday, November 10, 2018

A response to Scott Pi

A new reader posted a comment requesting the beginning of the Zev story.

The very beginning of the story is about 10,000 words in Jim Curtis's anthology Calexit. That piece was titled The Farm. Mr Curtis is the very finest example of a southern gentleman and he took a chance on me.

After a bit, the characters kept nagging at me so I started a series I called "Installment" after the great era of installment stories in magazines.  The lead installment in "Installment" is HERE. That story-line petered out on July 4 and I thought I would get some peace.

Later that month some of the minor characters started to have arguments in my head. They said, "We are not 'minor'. We have our own stories."

I called that story arc "Stub" because I had no idea if their stories had legs or if they would just be spurs that ended quickly. The first installment of Stub starts HERE.

The older installments have a link at the bottom that should take you to the next installment.

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