Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Cletus and Zeke in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Cletus and Zeke had picked up a gig washing windows in Cape Girardeau, Missouri.

The three story building was very large and had extravagant numbers of multi-paned, bevel-edges windows.

The crew was Cletus and Zeke and a couple of millennial metrosexuals.

Cletus and Zeke got cracking right after punching in. They grabbed buckets, soap, ammonia, rags and squeegies. Then they started washing the windows on the ground floor.

The first millennial showed up about thirty minutes later after smoking a couple of cigarettes and updating his/her/its profile on social media.  "Where do I start?" it asked.

He(?) was wearing six "T" shirts, one on top the other. The one closest to his skin was purple, then red, orange, yellow, green and finally blue. This was obvious because every hem was progressively 1/2" shorter than the previous shirt. The shirts were skin tight. It was possible to read the wearer's nipples through all six shirts.

Cletus pointed to the ladder. "You and your buddy gotta work on the ladder."

"That's not fair." the millennial said. "That ladder is heavy."

"You snooze, you lose." Zeke said. "There are two of you. You will manage."

The millennial pouted. Then the smartphone came out and he appeared to update his social media page.

A minute later the second millennial came out. "Hey, dinosaurs, the boss said he needed to see you."

The two men put down their buckets, rags and squeegies and trudged in to see what new insanity they would have to endure.

The boss told them to stop lolly-gagging and get to work. He didn't want to see them.

Upon going back outside they saw the two millennials industriously cleaning the windows on the ground floor with the tools Cletus and Zeke had assembled.

"You snooze, you lose, assholes." the first millennial snarked at the two older men.

Cletus and Zeke had no choice but to find more five gallon buckets and rags, remix their cleaning solutions and use the ladder.

It is much slower working on a ladder so Cletus and Zeke started working ahead of the other team. In a short while, the young workers were directly beneath the older man at the top of the ladder.

Who knew that bleach and water would be so damaging to the multiple designer, skin-tight Tee shirts and skinny jeans the younger team wore to "work"? Who knew that anybody would be stupid enough to pay $240 for six, fitted tee-shirts and then wear them for work clothes? Who knew?


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