Thursday, November 1, 2018

What will a $1/4 million buy in fly-over country?

I showed you a "high end" property.

I showed you an entry level property.

Now I am going to show you a property that is at the median price for a house in the United States, about $275k.

This property sits on almost 10 acres of land. That is about four city blocks in a typical city like Houston, Tx.

Hey guys and gals, check this out. Lots of room for you to wrench on machinery or to have parties.

The region circled in red captured my attention.

There is a reason these rooms look big and the doors look wide. They are. 3500 square feet for about $270k.  It would be interesting to look at this house from the standpoint of wheelchair and handicap accessibility.

7 miles to Meijer's, a first class everything store.

3 miles from the hospital and pharmacy.

7.5 miles to the shooting range.

Realtor link.


  1. That's a nice country set up! :-)

  2. I agree - with the prices going up, might be able to get it here, might not. The acreage definitely, but probably not quite as much nice house.


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