Friday, November 23, 2018

Belladonna wants to go hunting tomorrow

The time we have with our children is fleeting.
They sell skirts at the store where we picked up hair extensions. Bella suggested that I not help buy her clothes. She said, "They look like 1968."

This is a "hair" weekend. Bella is african-American and wears her hair in mini-cornrows. They start getting fuzzy after three or four months and then it is time to rotate the tires, change the oil and redo the hair. It takes many hours to prepare for the actual braiding. The old ones must be laboriously un-done.

Belladonna parks in front of the TV and binge watches whatever strikes her fancy. We have one TV. It is in our common room. With rare exceptions, what Belladonna fancies does not appeal to me.

So the plan is for Bella to work on her hair, hair, hair today. And then tomorrow to go hunting and hopefully shoot a deer.

The story is eternal: Hair today, guns tomorrow.

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