Thursday, November 15, 2018

I need a mulligen on C&Z and Stub

It was a long day. Up at 4:30. On the stand at 6:30. Lunch at 11:30. Back on the stand until 6:05 PM. Tracking, gutting and dragging deer until 9:00 PM. Driving on slush at 40 MPH back home. Hanging deer. Just sitting down now at 10:19 PM.

Tomorrow is a mom-and-dad day so I will be busy until two in the afternoon.

C&Z and Stub will be back in battery Monday morning if we don't kill a pile more deer.  Michigan DNR is issuing up to ten doe permits in my area to control Cervid Wasting Disease. They really want us to knock the snot out of the does.

Each doe is good for about 70 pounds of boned-out meat.


  1. Congrats on your deer! Hubbie got one also :)

    And yes, the roads were lousy with icy slush!! Too darn early for this nonsense...

  2. I'll come out an help 'ya, Joe!

  3. I believe mulligans cast $1 each. May I suggest a go fund me. Love your blogs. Look forward to them each day.

  4. Wow, you must have big deer up there; around here most does are 45 lbs at the most; even good sized bucks rarely give 70 lbs or meat!


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