Saturday, November 10, 2018

A bad pun and toilet talk

Not a lot to write about because I did nothing today.

I am fending off my second cold in three weeks. The worst part is that it makes me impatient. Mrs ERJ attributes it to not being able to hear as well.

It is worth noting that hearing loss is correlated with memory loss and dementia. I can tell that I retreat from the present when my hearing is impaired. I also am quicker to tear, slash and rend...probably as a way of defending a larger space bubble.

Some of the neuroscientist attribute the loss of mental function to the loss of input. A motor that is not spun-up every few years tends to seize.

It could be said that music can bring memory Bach.

One of my mom's struggles is due to osteoporosis. Her pelvis is shot and it hurts to walk.
The magazine rack is a nice touch. We have to take measurements to ensure the unit will fit in the bathroom, along with my mom's walker.

Going to the can is a chore and I believe there are all kinds of power lift seats and toileting assists that can help. We just have to sort our way through the choices.

Pops up just like a toaster!

Mom does not want to jump right to the power lift units. Mom has a recliner that has the launch feature and she loves it. I guess it would mean that she has to admit that she is no longer middle-age.
I think I saw something like this in a James Bond movie. BTW, she is not my mother.

This has been quite an education.

Mrs ERJ reads the reviews. This type of unit comes highly rated but is not appropriate if the user is much stronger on one side than the other. The technology fails spectacularly when the user tries to use just one side to assist their lift-off. My mom often strains one shoulder or the other, so this is not a good choice for her.

If any of my readers have any experience or strong opinions, I would love to hear them.


  1. The one we used for my mother, in-laws and Hubby bolted to the back of the toilet under the seat and had adjustable arms. Similar to this one:
    If your mother needs a raiser they come in varying heights. We used one with the safety rails for Hubby when his gout flared up and was having trouble getting on-n-off the seat.

    Good luck finding what you need.

    1. Thanks for the tip.

      I like that it has fewer things to trip on than the one with the legs that stick out. One must be mindful that it is possible to cause injury when trying to help.

      Again, thanks for the tip.

    2. Joe, another thought, how is the bathroom arranged and how easy is it to get to with a walker or wheelchair? In the end, when my mother got too weak to navigate the obstacle course, we ended up with a commode for her.


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