Friday, March 24, 2023

Fun with maps

The distance from Brookport, Illinois to Muscle Shoals, Alabama is 170 miles.
Outside of Cairo, southern Illinois is more like Northern Alabama than it is like Chicago.
As the crow-flies, the distance from Eaton Rapids, Michigan to Glen Arbor is 178 miles.

The distance from South Miami, Florida to the Georgia state-line is 360 miles.


  1. And it is virtually the same distance from Atlanta to Miami as it is from Atlanta to NY. That tidbit too a while to wrap my arms around when young. In my mind FL was close and NY far. Roger

  2. And Reno, Nevada is further west than Los Angeles.

  3. I like the fact that the western tip of Virginia is west of Detroit

  4. This is what i love about your writing, ERJ. Occasionally, just downright puzzling.
    What do Brockport, Mussel Shoals, Eaton Rapids, Glen Arbor, Miami and Florida-Georgia Line have in common?

  5. !/4 of Mexico is North of Brownsville , Tx

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  7. Aviators (the crows, too) have known such things since road maps first came out.

    My fascination and enjoyment of paper maps and charts is very high.
    At any given time I have several maps, or aeronatical or mariner chart, or atlas (both, current and expired) within easy reach. I regularly pull out the samevto make note of some odd twist in geography.
    Just today I looked to see which towns and terrain across the U.S. stood at N33*00'.

  8. The state of AK is the furthest north, west, and east.

  9. The distance between Beaumont Texas and El Paso Texas is greater than the distance between El Paso Texas and Los Angeles California.

    Western Virginia is further west than West Virginia.

    The reason AK is the furthest Eastern state, is because the far end of the Aleutian Islands is on the other side of longitude 180 and is therefore in the eastern hemisphere.

    Most of the population of Canada lives south of the northern tier of the US.

    The cities of Paris, France and London, UK are both further north than the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota.

  10. Forgot one...

    If the political borders of California were superimposed onto the east coast, it would extend all the way from NYC to north Florida.


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