Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Grizzly sighting in Eaton County


There have been credible reports of the dread, Garden Grizzly being sighted in my part of Eaton County.

Fortunately for the photographer, the Grizzly was taking a nap at the time of this photo.

One of these bad-boys can mow down a row of green bean seedlings in a single go.


  1. Ground hog? Tasty with the sauce of vengeance after they destroy my garden. Your kind to leave it in peace, friend.

    You have magic to keep it out of your garden?

    If so share, please.

  2. A dirt nap, the way nature intended.

  3. Conibear traps are the best for woodchucks, but you have to make sure that pets and small children don't have access.

  4. I use the electric portable netting with a solar charger. Keeps the rabbits out, too. Don't buy the cheap crap on DaNile, they put the hot wire in every strand (ground contact, too).

  5. Pan fried they are edible. Especially if supermarket fare is light on the ground.

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