Sunday, March 5, 2023


Mrs ERJ got a phone call at 8:30 last night.

"My wife found a puppy and it is impossible for us to keep him. IMPOSSIBLE!" the caller informed her.

The backstory followed. His wife was in Delta Township near the intersection of M-43 and Creyts when she saw a pup weaving its way through the M-43 traffic.

Acting impulsively, she pulled into a parking lot and hollered "Hey, pup!" and it worked. The German Shepherd pup eagerly hopped into her car. It had no collar, stank as if it had been trash-diving and appears to be about three months old.

Things went south after that. The two other dogs had a zhit-fit over the new dog. One of the human members of the household locked-up over the responsibility of an energetic puppy. NOGO.

Hence the call to Mrs ERJ.

The pup has the color of a strong cup of black coffee. Zeus has a "whatever" attitude toward the pup.

We agreed to provide temporary foster-care for the pup. Very temporary.

Our plan is to take the pup to the vet on Monday and have it "wanded" for a chip. If we can find the owners then things are great. It may have slipped its leash or zipped through an open door.

Bathed and ready to party

The woman who found it thinks it is a "drop-off". The pup may have been purchased for a child or a girl-friend as a Christmas gift. The puppy is larger and has lots of energy. But rather than take the puppy to a Rescue or even the pound, they take it to the Lansing Mall parking lot and dump it.

Meanwhile, we are quietly sounding out friends and family who are dog-people. Generally, every person who likes dogs has a full complement of them, but you never know. It could be a God thing where somebody has an unexpected need for one and we are just doing a tiny part.

Obviously, I cannot attest to the dog being 100% German Shepherd. His muzzle is narrow and he has the white blaze on his chest. On the other hand, he has the tail, long body and ears of a GSD.

If the pup is not chipped and the friends and family route does not work out, I will post a throw-away email address where you can reach me in case you want a "free" puppy. But be aware that "free" puppies are not free. They chew things up, they have bills for shots and vet visits. You will buy them toys....


  1. There's a special place in hell for people that abandon/dump pets.

    1. The neighbor thinks it was a drop-off based on the dog coming readily when called. Also very, very skinny so he had been on his own for several days. Pups get skinny quickly when they are growing.

      Agree about special place in hell but if it was a kid, maybe they will grow up and find their moral compass.

    2. For some reason, people like to drop off dogs in the rural neighbor where my in-laws live, so they regularly are looking for homes for dogs, usually puppies.

  2. ERJ - Bless you. I will be hopeful that this is truly the case of a loved animal that got it (it happens), but I fear otherwise. Volunteering at an animal shelter and at the fringes of the small animals rescue volunteer community, we have seen a lot of this over the last few years - in our larger New Home area, someone keeps dumping young guinea pigs. Likely a breeder that cannot otherwise sell them.

    To Fred's point, one can only hope God has already planned for this eventuality.

  3. That puppy was lucky. In the recession of the 80's (?) my family ranch had serious trouble with drop off's becoming a non-human fearing pack. I found myself cornered near the sheep barn with a tube fed 22 and felt very under gunned that day. We lost more than a few sheep before posting night watch and shooting all unknown dogs on sight.

    Dogs like kids come with responsibilities. Both should be loved greatly.

  4. Looks a little bit like my Malinois (which often get confused for shepherds). I don't recall the fur being so fluffy as a yute... looks like a mixed breed from the front.
    Best of luck with the adoption cycle. Theres a famous quote about heaven and how we treat defenseless animals, but I've forgotten it. Good job, Karma Bro.

  5. We have the same problem here. Around mid February the drop offs begin. Luckily we have a no kill rescue for most of them, but we just took in a hound mix that was injured. He had to have his left front leg amputated. My free puppy is now worth a thousand dollars, and I agree, there is a special place in hell for people who do this shit.

    1. Three years ago we rescued a small kitten that was wandering our neighborhood. That small kitten became A the Cat, who has at this point might have been able to be educated at a local community college with an Associates degree for what has been spent on his health. Which, of course, we are happy to do.

  6. What in hell is wrong with people? Couple weeks back, I'd be demanding your email and telling you to shut up and take my money! We'd have to put our heads together for the travel arranements - no need to inform the vets, dontchya know!!!

    Oh well... good thing the responsible adults have the situation under control. Good work as usual, Joe!

  7. Years ago a small dog had been dropped at a gas station I stopped to fill up and had been there a week. I got her in the back seat and when I got home hubby just looked at me. Dog was dirty, mangy, weeping eye. So next day off to vet. Hubby called me a few days later to tell me he picked her up to the tune of, in 1994 of $900. That dog became a constant companion to both my 95 pound lab and hubby. Best $900 I ever spent.

  8. Did the pup perhaps bolt and someone/somewhere is looking for him?That would be a nice ending to the tale of pup.

    Pup needs a home,hmmmm......,how far a drive is it to pup from New England?

  9. I have a strong lead on a good home for the pup.

    I will keep you all posted

  10. Sigh... too far away for me. And damn the droppers to HELL!

  11. I bet there's wonderful potential home with a specific mine owner in southern CA. Problem is getting the pup there..

  12. Many years ago, our neighbor who was walking her dog called my then-gf-since-wife, saying there's a black kitten under the highway, friendly and not bothered by a Husky. GF went immediately with a cat carrier. Kitten came to her right away, she checked out at the vet OK. GF said for a week 'We'll find out who she belongs to.' Finally, maddened beyond endurance, I said 'Lie to yourself, but don't lie to me. You love black cats, she's a drop-off, she's ours, end of story.' We named her Nubia and we had her for 17 years.

  13. One of our past dogs was literally rescued out of traffic on an interstate highway. Another was very near dead lying in the shade in our driveway on a hundred plus degree day. He was almost unable to even drink water and was way too weak to sit up or stand. On rare occasion he would have a small seizure for the rest of his life, likely from having been so badly overheated.

    I have absolutely no tolerance for anyone who abandons or abuses a pet. Neither does my wife.


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