Thursday, March 23, 2023

Vicarious Farming

From my farmer friend in Nebraska

The planter is 24 years-old. It can plant 300-to-350 acres a day.
Farming can result in wear-and-tear on the equipment and facilities.

Thanks, Jim. Great videos.

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  1. It is a rare consumer who knows - and understands - just how much farm equipment costs, and what the ongoing maintenance costs are, in both money and time. The farmer with 300 acres has a small tractor and simple(r) equipment. Which still gets heavy use, wears out and must be repaired and rebuilt.

    The farmer with 20,000 acres to plant......well, that's a completely different situation. There only so many hours in a day and only so many days in fertilizing/planting/harvesting seasons and no matter how much money one has extra days cannot be purchased, so a lot of that money goes to, in effect, purchase hours during those narrow planting/harvesting day windows.

    Thanks, Joe.

    1. And...the only help the farmer might be able to get are 17-through-21 year-olds who might not appreciate the limitations of the equipment.

  2. ERJ, that was incredibly fascinating. Thanks for both of the videos. Conceptually I understand the expense, but to hear the numbers is staggering.

    The second video gives a view in the daily operation of a business in a way that would bore most people - but Finance and Accounting people would be happy to hear it.

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    1. So, what did you think of the second video, Anglia?


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