Sunday, March 19, 2023

The intersection of adult-type humor and innocent Six-year-olds

"Were you in the military?" one of the dads from yesterday asked me.

"No. I never had the honor. Why do you ask?" I said.

"It was one of the jokes you told" he said.

Given the age of the kids and the fact that I was helping a Christian organization my joking around was edited a little bit.

It had to be the exchange that happened after I told one of the six-year-olds (a fact that he proudly shared with me) that the screwdriver he was using was magnetized.

He had to check it out and the fact that it held the Philips screw in position all-by-its-self was a great delight to him.

Then he asked "Is the hammer magnetized?"

I told him "Only tack-hammers are magnetized."

Him: "What is a tack-hammer?"

I told him "An A-10."


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