Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Mrs ERJ got her money's worth out of me today



After. Three-hundred onion-sets in 75' of row. Actually, a double row with 6" between the rows and about 4" between sets in-the-row.

Looking east. Before



Looking up the row.

Fifty feet of Super Sugar Snap peas

I have about a week to get the 24" poultry netting up to exclude the rabbits and woodchucks. I figure I have at least that long before the seeds germinate.

In the house

Patterson Onion seedlings. I will move these outside in a few weeks


  1. I got mine tilled today, too! Been a long journey to get here. That kubota has been worth every penny!
    Did you use a walk behind roto tiller with red paint on it?

    1. Yes, a walk-behind with the tines in front. It is a generic store-brand (probably made by MTD of Cleveland).

    2. Ya know its funny. Did it all by hand the early years, Ow!
      Then I got one of those attachments for the weed-eater that mixes stuff up? Actually does a really good job for what it is, but you still have to shovel and turn (by hand, Ow!)
      When I went big time my neighbor brought his tractor over which was great, but not the same as having your own set of tools. Thanks Dad.
      The funny part is now that I till it 5 feet wide at a time... I could really use one of those walk-behinds to fix up between the rows!
      Never happy, I want all 3 types now, each with their own niche.

  2. Very productive day, ERJ. I think it will be time to get the rest of the garden in when I get back home - we are in that odd place between "a little too soon" and "You missed your window".

  3. Joe, why a 75' row? Why not three 25'? Even better, 6 thirteen footers?

    Less exposure to encroaching weeds (less 'surface area' for a given volume), increased efficiency in irrigation, and probably a host of other benefits.

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