Wednesday, March 29, 2023

God is great. Beer is good. People are crazy.

Delusional thinking

The news has reports of "activists" who claim that the shooter "had to" kill the six people in Nashville because...reality did not conform with her desires.

Because she "had to" kill them, and because she had no other options, she is blameless.






The flaw with this kind of thinking should be obvious. What if everybody held that moral viewpoint? Then it would be open-season, no bag-limit on everybody who made somebody uncomfortable.

Is that really what the not-norms want? Really? Did they think that through?

Weed and paranoia

One of my buddies from high school who I had lunch with Saturday, used to smoke a lot of weed.

He dried out. No drinking. No weed. No pills.

I asked him about the weed and he told me "It made me paranoid. REALLY paranoid. I could not function."

Noodling around the internet, paranoia is a documented side-effect of THC, one of the active ingredients of weed. It is also a side-effect of "bath salts", the synthetic cannabinoids found in "K-6", "Spice" and other JWH concoctions.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that the THC concentration in street weed has risen from 4% in 1995 to the 12% range in 2014 to +20% THC today.

Furthermore, weed has been decriminalized in many jurisdictions, even in states where it is still, nominally illegal. Prosecuting for simple MJ possession is seen as "racist".

Growth in percentage of population with Paranoid Personality Disorder. If these estimates are correct, PPD rose from 1% in the 1989-to-2002 range to 4.4% in 2008/2009 Source

More weed being smoked (10X?). Stronger weed (5X). Weed associated with paranoia. People going crazy and shooting up the place. Hmmm! Makes you wonder, doesn't it.

Paranoid Personality Disorder is considered a "delusional" disorder. The person with the disorder maintains strong beliefs (i.e. strong enough to act on) even when all evidence points to the contrary. Sometimes paranoia is warranted. That is, there IS evidence that you are a target. That is not PPD.

If mainstream media reports if traffic fatalities were not wearing seat-belts, if they report when alcohol was a factor, wouldn't it make sense to report if THC was found in the system of a mass-shooter?

Don't expect it to happen. The government sees legalizing weed as a great way to exercise their insider trading privileges. They also see it as a great way to generate more revenue through taxation. The machine wants legalized weed and they will not do anything that might throw some speed-bumps in the way of that goal.


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    1. Dear Victor y Anthrax: You have an ugly name.

  2. A THC gummie just before bed maybe 2-3 per month and I get blessed relief from arthritis and a great nights sleep. I don’t think smoking anything is good for you unless it’s beef, pork or chicken.

  3. The THC content in today's products are a far cry from what hippies used to smoke back in the 60's to relax. These new ones should require minute dosing and waiting for full effect to occur before continuing.

  4. All I can say is that were it one of mine that were gunned down by that pervert, I’d pay back in kind. Guaranteed. The alphabet community needs a cull.

    As for pot… most people are into it now and we are the outliers Joe. In my last job, in a shop of 15~20 people…me, the manager and shop foreman were the only ones that didn’t smoke it. I just marvelled too…the biggest pot heads were the biggest complainers because they never made enough, or had enough money.

    The manager almost got sued once too. He had a pot head repeatedly showing up to work that was so high, she couldn’t do the job…so he fired her. She came back with the lawyers and was re-hired because it was medicinal pot she was taking, HAR HAR HAR! πŸ˜‚

    The sooner clown world burns down…the better it will be for everyone…

  5. I was wondering what the testosterone supplements were doing to her brain. I was a teenangster once, I remember the crazy stuff we did. I can't imagine that is workable. Like trying to run a diesel tractor on nitromethane. Or that old Starfire I had on regular. If it didn't have 103 minimum, it would knock. Regular was 75 cents a gallon and I was paying 1.12 to pump ethel.

  6. So if it is acceptable to kill children of a religion that fails to recognize your particular issue, is it ok for the religion to kill your people for the same reason?

    I mean, Holy War and all that?
    Just lemme know the new rules so I know, ok?

  7. "What if everybody held that moral viewpoint? Then it would be open-season, no bag-limit on everybody who made somebody uncomfortable.

    Is that really what the not-norms want?

    No, it's not what they want. You are not their equal. This is not hypocrisy - it's hierarchy.

    The proof is that we politely nod when they say 'words are violence' when we ought to be punching them in the nose to illustrate why we think otherwise.

  8. Sorry Joe, really like your blog but I'm not going to click the links to stories by or about people who approve child murder in the name of....."reasons".
    You dropped the ball here.

    1. I am fine if nobody clicks on the links. I put them in the piece to show that I am not pulling the basis of the story out of my rearmost orifice.

    2. I won't click the links either. But Joe didn't drop the ball. Ostensibly we are all adults and as such enjoy the responsibility of choice.

      Joe provided the links so we may have a choice. ERJ's blog is educational. By including the links, we are afforded the choice of how far into the subject we wish to go.

      I stand against censorship yet reserve the right to censor my own behaviors. In this case, I choose to not open the links, just as I do on any other blog.

    3. As to Joe's response here, 'showing your work' is what all good researchers do.

      Including cites removes the suspicion of doubt or lack of veracity.

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